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Q: What country is credited with being the first one to hold a sports competition?
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Which country is credited with being the place where the Industrial Revolution began in 1765?


Is triathlon an extreme sport?

No. extreme sports being. Paintball, or extreme mountian biking things along thoughs lines. triathlon is just an competition made of a mix of different sports.

What are the greatest things in sports?

Winning is the greatest thing. For some, it's the intense competition. It may also be the bonding that is created by being part of a team.

Why are the Olympic Games so important?

There was lots of advantages in the Olympics. It promotes the UK, creates jobs, more modern buildings being built, brings media attention, stadiums can be used afterwards by public and attracts tourists to different parts of the UK. Hope this helped!

What are the positive and negative effects of tariffs?

Tariffs, or taxes on foreign imports, can be helpful to a country's economy by blocking competition from other countries. However, often when one country places a tariff on foreign goods, the country places its own tariff on the first country. Tariffs are not appreciated by the country on which it is being placed.

Hurling is the national game for which country?

It is one of the two national sports of Ireland, the other being Gaelic Football.

Who is credited with being the first geographer?


How did Summer Sanders become famous?

Summer Sanders grew in fame by being known as a competition swimmer and former Olympic athlete. She is now an actress, television host, and a sports commentator.

Why do people say male sports bring in more rating's are most of the male fans gay is that why they choose men over women in sport?

No, because most people do not watch sports for sexual satisfaction, they watch sports for the competition and men compete at a higher level. It has nothing to do with being physically attracted to the athletes.

Can two teams shut each other out?

No, a team cannot be credited with a loss without another team being credited with a win, and a team cannot be credited with a win without another team being credited with a loss. In the case of a tie, each of the two teams is credited with one half of a win and one half of a loss.

Who discovered erosion first?

Hutton, Hutton is credited with being the founder of modern geology. Among his ideas: The Earth is continually being formed.

What is the year that is credited with the internet being invented?