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Q: What country is Ryan giggs originally from?
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What country is Ryan Giggs from?

He is from Wales, England.

Is Ryan giggs good at soccer?

Ryan giggs is amazing at soccer

What is the birth name of Ryan Giggs?

Ryan Giggs's birth name is Ryan Joseph Wilson.

When was Ryan Giggs born?

Ryan Giggs was born on November 29, 1973.

When did Ryan Giggs sign for Manchester United?

ryan giggs signed in 1991

Who is better footballer Cristiano ronaldo or Ryan giggs?

Ryan giggs is better

When is Ryan Giggs birthday?

Ryan Giggs was born 29 November 1973

What is Ryan Giggs's birthday?

Ryan Giggs was born on November 29, 1973.

Is Ryan giggs 40?

yes Ryan giggs is 40 years old

What does Ryan Giggs hate?

Ryan giggs hates Manchester united players

How old is Ryan giggs-Manchester uinted?

Ryan Giggs is 37 years old.

What is Ryan giggs age?

Ryan Giggs - Date of Birth: 29 November, 1973