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Columbus was from Spain.

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Q: What country is Columbus from?
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What country was Columbus from?

Columbus was from Italy.

Which country sponsered Columbus's voyage?

the country which sponsored Columbus's voyage is Spain.

What country Columbus explored for?

Columbus searched on behalf of this country during his explorations

What country is Christopher Columbus?


What country was Chrisopher Columbus from?

Columbus was from Italy.

What Country Did Christopher Columbus work for?

christopher Columbus mainly worked for the country of Spain .

What is Christopher Columbus country of origin?

Genoa, Italy. That is where Christopher Columbus is country of origin is.

What country did Columbus leave from?

Columbus left from Spain

What did christopher Columbus did for the country?

Columbus discovered America.

Was Christopher Columbus' country Protestant or Catholic?

Christopher Columbus was Catholic, and so was his country, Spain.

Is Columbus a country?


What country did Columbus sponser?


What country was Columbus born in?

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy.

What was Christopher Columbus country?

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy around 1451. So his country was Italy.

What country was cristopher Columbus bon in?

Christopher Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa, which is now part of the country of Italy.

What country Christopher Columbus explored for?

Christopher Columbus explored for Spain.

What is Christopher Columbus's home country?

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy.

How did Columbus murder?

no columbus didn't murder in one because it is a country.

What country was Columbus in?


For what country did Columbus make his historic voyage?

The voyage for which Christopher Columbus is most famous was for the country of Spain. Queen Isabella, against the advise of her advisers, funded this voyage by Columbus.

What is Christopher Columbus date of birth when he died?

What country was christopher columbus born in

Columbus died of a hearth attack?

Haiti was the first country Columbus discovered

Where was columbus's country of origin?


What country is Christopher Columbus from?

He is from Spain.

What is Columbus country of origin?