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Q: What country has the most tennis players in the top 100?
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How global is tennis?

Tennis is one of the most global sports. The nationalities of the top 100 tennis players in the world range from Swedish to Serbian to American and French. The tennis players are very diverse in nationalities, showing how the entire world plays.

How much do mens tennis players receive at minor tennis tournaments?

it really depends on what tennis tournament it is, but for most they get a car and $100, 000. hope this was helpful. rebecca

Who were the top 100 male tennis players in 2007?

The top 100 male tennis players of 2007 can be found at the link below see ' related links'

Does Russia play tennis?

Of course. They have 8 players in the top 100. One of the most notable Russian players is Nikolay Davydenko ranked fourth in the world.

What country has the best tennis players?

presently, in men's tennis, one could argue that Spain currently holds that claim, Spain just won the 2008 Davis Cup, if you want a more statistic accurate answer, then prob whichever country has the MOST players ranked within the top 100 ranked players in the world, or, some small countries have produced 2 or more players in the top 10 ranked players in the world, recently, Serbia and belgium are good examples, too broad a question, need to be more specific

Who are the youngest male tennis players among top 100?

Andy Murray

Who did Andy Murray beat to enter world top 100 tennis players?


Top paid tennis players?

Two of the top paid tennis players are sisters. Their names are Venus and Serena Williams. Venus is worth about ten million dollars but her sister Serena is worth about 100 million.

Does Italy play tennis?

Yes. Italy has 4 players in the top 100. The most notable players are: Andreas Seppi ranked 33 in the world and Simone Bolelli ranked 47 in the world.

Why do cricket players have a number underneath their country emblem?

if you 100 your the 100th person to have played for your country

What team has the most players in top 100 in nfl?

The eagles have the most with 7 players followed by niners, ravens and steelers with 6 players each.

What college has the most players in the 2011 top 100 nfl players?

Miami hurricanes

What is the average salary for a professional tennis player a year?

Actually, tennis players around the rank 100 make about 300k a year of prize money. But that total increases a lot when you take in cosideration the money they earn by the sponsors etc. So tennis pros make a lot of money

Calories per tennis swing?

100 100

How much do Irish league players earn?

Compared to Barclays Premier League players they get paid very little. A top player would be on maybe £1000 a week and most players would be on £100-300 a week. Most of the players still have full time jobs.

First tennis player to win over a 100 tournaments?

Margaret Court is the first female tennis player to win over 100 tournaments. The first male tennis player to win over 100 tournaments is Ilie Nastase.

What is probability that she will pick a tennis of 4 that she has?

if they are all tennis balls, then 100% percent

Most players scoring 100 or more runs one season baseball?

babe ruth

Is lawn tennis scored the same way as traditional tennis?

yes i am 100 % sure

Which NFL Team has the most player on the NFL top 100 list?

Baltimore Ravens. 7 players.

What is the most urbanized country in the world?

Singapore which is 100% urbanized.

What country has the most 100 year olds?

I think Japan

What country has the most rainforests?

i would say Brazil 100% has the most rainforests

Company who supplied tennis balls at Wimbledon?

Slazenger have supplied the tennis balls for Wimbledon for the last 100 years.

How many NFL players are members of Phi Beta Sigma?

There are over 100 professional football players who pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. over the years. Sigma has more pro football players then any Fraternity in the country. It is a wonder why Sigmas are not called the Jock frat.