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Q: What country has hosted cricket soccer and rugby world cups?
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What country has hosted the cricket and rugby and football world cup?

England has hosted all three. South Africa will join them when they host the football World Cup in 2010.

What are three major sports?

Soccer, Cricket, Rugby

What are fames sport in London?

Soccer, rugby, and cricket

What sports are popular in south africa?

Soccer, Cricket and Rugby

What are 3 popular sports in Australia?

cricket, soccer and rugby

Who brought soccer cricket and rugby league to Australia?


What are the most popular sports in South Africa?

soccer, rugby and cricket

What are the sports in Ireland?

rugby ,hurling, Gaelic football, soccer, cricket,

What are the most popular sports in nz?

netball ,soccer,cricket and rugby.

What sports are in Sparta?

soccer,cricket,rugby,boxing and clothing etc

What 3 sports have the largest following in Britain?

soccer cricket and rugby

What sports do the people of france play?

rugby, cricket, soccer (football)

What sports were popular in the 1930?

In England: Cricket, Soccer, Rugby and Hockey

What are some sports in fiji?

rugby, soccer and cricket are the most popular

What is a famous sport played in Europe?

rugby, lacrosse, cricket, and soccer

What sports do they have in Great Britain?

Rugby, Cricket, Soccer (Football) and Tennis

Which Australian sport is the most populist?

Soccer, swimming, cricket, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

What country hosted the rugby world cup in 2007?


What are some sports played in Kuwait?

Soccer, Rugby, Handball, Cricket,and Basketball

What sports are played in wales?

-golf -boxing -cricket -soccer (football) -rugby

What are the professional sports in the United Kingdom?

Football(soccer) cricket and maybe rugby

What are the most famous Australian sports?

Cricket, football(soccer),rugby, swimming

Which 3 sports have the largest following in England?

Rugby, cricket and football (soccer)

What are the top 5 sports in Britain?


What are the main sports in South Africa?

The main sports are rugby, soccer & cricket.