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Camels live all over the world, if you mean wild Camels (Bactrian Camel) the Countries would be China and Mongolia.

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The Bactrian Camel is native to the stepps of Central Asia, Gobi desert and Taklimakan Deserts of Mongolia and Xingjiang China.

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Q: What country does the bactrian camel live?
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Which desert does the bactrian camel live?

The bactrian camel comes from in and around the Gobi Desert of Asia.

How long can a bactrian camel live?

A camel can live for 12 Years.

What continent does the bactrian camel live on?


When was Bactrian camel created?

Bactrian camel was created in 1758.

What is a wiid bactrian camel?

Many Bactrian camels these days are domesticated. A wild Bactrian camel is a camel that is in the wild and not domesticated.

What color is the bactrian camel?

A bactrian camel is colour is yellow and brown

What is the double humped camel's name?

bactrian camelThis is the Bactrian camel.

Can a camel live in a cold desert?

The bactrian or 2 humped camel lives in a cold desert.

Can you ride a bactrian camel?

It is safe to ride a Bactrian camel. There are two species of camel and the Bactrian is rarer than the dromedary camel. It has two humps and are mostly domesticated.

Is Bactrian Camel's a mammal reptile bird or fish?

A Bactrian Camel is a mammal.

Where does Bactria live?

A Bactrian is a person from Bactria, an ancient Greek name for the country between the range of the Hindu Kush and the Amu Darya in the Middle East.It can also refer to a Bactrian camel, a two-humped camel.

Is the bactrian camel a herbaivore?

The bactrian camel eats grass, so yes, it is an herbavoir.