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At the time the question was asked, it was England, as the manager was Sam Allardyce. At the time it is being answered it is Croatia, as the manager is Slaven Bilic.

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Q: What country does the West Ham Manager come from?
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Who is west hams first team manager?

The manager of West Ham is the great Zinfranco Zola.

Who was manager of west ham in 2005?

Alan Pardew was manager 2003-2006

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Who was manager when west ham were relegated?

Tommy Docherty was in charge went they down to Division 2 in 1974. He took them straight back up the following season.

Who is Frank Lampard's uncle?

Frank Lampard's most famous uncle is the former manager and assistant manager of West Ham United, Harry Redknapp. Lampard left West Ham following Redknapp's sacking in 2001.

What country does ham come from?

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What Italy player wore number 10 for Chelsea fc?

It is Gianfranco Zola, now manager at West Ham.

When was Sam Allardyce appointed?

Sam Allardyce was appointed on 1 June 2011 as the Manager of West Ham United in England.

Which Manager signed Frank Lampard to Chelsea?

Claudio Ranieri signed Frank Lampard from West Ham for 11.000.000 pounds.

Who is the best west ham or liverpool?

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What football team does dean thomas have as a poster beside his bed?

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Italians in the prem?

Zola - West Ham Di Michele - West Ham