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Q: What country does tennis pro Caroline wozniacki represent?
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Who is Niall Horan's favourite tennis player?

Caroline Wozniacki from Denmark:)

Who is the second top ranked female tennis player of 2010?

Caroline Wozniacki.

Who is the best tennis player yet to win a grand slam?

Caroline Wozniacki

Is Caroline wozniacki the second ranked female tennis player in the world in 2010?


What awards has Caroline Wozniacki won in Tennis?

Caroline Wozniacki has won a number of awards in Tennis. She has won 20 WTA singles titles. Also in 2008 she won the WTA Tour Most Impressive Newcomer of the Year. She won the ITF Player of the Year in 2010.

Who is the blonde tennis player who is the no 1 player for 2011?

The WTA world number 1 is currently Caroline Wozniacki.

Who is the number one player in womens tennis?

Currently 19 year old Dane Caroline Wozniacki.

Who are the two female top ranked tennis players of the world in 2010?

1.) Serena Williams.2.) Caroline Wozniacki.

Who are the top two ranked female tennis players in the world in 2010?

1. Serena Williams 2. Caroline Wozniacki

What age is the youngest tennis pro?

i think most of the tennis pros in atp, and wta are like 18 and older. but i think caroline wozniacki was the youngest women pros. she was 16

Who won the 2011 Dubai tennis tournament?

The men's singles at the 2011 Dubai tennis tournament was won by Novak Djokovic. The women's singles at the same tournament was won by Caroline Wozniacki.

Who is number one playing tennis?

Currently, the number one women's player is Caroline Wozniacki and the number one Men's player is Rafael Nadal.