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Owen Hargreaves Is a Canadain born English man who spent most of his career in gGermany before signing for Manchester United football club.

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Q: What country does Football player Owen hargreaves come from?
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Name a Football player beginning with o?

Owen hargreaves

What is the full name of Owen hargreaves?

Owen Lee Hargreaves

How tall is Owen Hargreaves?

Owen Hargreaves is 180 cm.

What is Owen Hargreaves's birthday?

Owen Hargreaves was born on January 20, 1981.

When was Owen Hargreaves born?

Owen Hargreaves was born on January 20, 1981.

Which player wears Manchester uniteds number 4 shirt?

Owen Hargreaves.

How old is Owen Hargreaves?

Owen Hargreaves is 36 years old (birthdate: January 20, 1981).

Manchester united player having jersey number 4?

That would be Owen Hargreaves.

Is Owen hargreaves Muslim?

No he is Christian

Who is the richest football player in the world as at 2010?

Michal Owen the football player

What English player has won the Champions League twice?

Owen Hargreaves, with Bayern Munich and Manchester United

Who got the chance to play football for 3 countries- England Germany Canada?

Owen Hargreaves. He could also have represented Wales.

Who is Owen hargreaves' girlfriend?

Janelle Khouri

How much does Owen Hargreaves earn?


How many games did Owen hargreaves play for Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves made 27 appearances for Manchester United from 2007-2011, scoring twice.

Who was the last british player to win the champions league with a foreign club?

Owen Hargreaves, for Bayern Munich in 2001.

Did Owen hargreaves play in the champions league final against Chelsea in 2008?

He was United's best player in the game!

Players that were jersey number4 in Manchester?

owen hargreaves

Who is number 4 in Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves

Who was the British player who won a champions league winners medal in 2001?

man utds Owen hargreaves with bayern munich

Is Micheal Owen a football player?

yes when he played for liverpool he was the best player

German speaking footballer who plays for England?

Owen Hargreaves?

Who is the youngest player to play international football?

michael owen

Who wears number 4 shirt for Manchester city?

Owen Hargreaves.

Who is the youngest international player in football?

It is Michel Owen and Lionel Messi.

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