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Q: What country does Betty Cuthbert represent in the Olympics?
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When was Betty Cuthbert born?

Betty Cuthbert was born on April 20, 1938.

What nicknames does Betty Cuthbert go by?

Betty Cuthbert goes by The Golden Girl.

Who are betty cuthbert's parents?

Mr and Mrs Les Cuthbert

Does betty cuthbert have children?


How old is Betty cuthbert's parents?


How many Olympic gold medals did Betty Cuthbert win?

Betty Cuthbert won four gold medals. 3 in melbourne and one in tokyo

Who is betty cuthberts twin sister?

Betty Cuthbert's Twin sister is Marie Cuthbert. Betty Cuthberts mother did not know that she had a twin baby in her stomach and then it turned out that it was Marie and Betty Cuthberts So now they are called the Twin sisters

What was Betty Cuthbert's favorite achievement?

200m run

Does Betty cuthbert have MS?

yes she does have Multiple Sclerosis

When did Betty Cuthbert win her last medal?

Australia's Betty Cuthbert's last Olympic medal was gold in women's 400 meter run at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

When did Betty Cuthbert die?

Betty Cuthbert is still alive with ms and body failures she has sadly been in a wheelchair for 17 years and hopes she'll walk again one day.

What is the height of betty cuthbert?

bettys height is 169 cm or 5'7