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Q: What country did cricket come from?
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What are the benefits to a cricket world cup host nation?

People come to watch the cricket which brings alot of tourists just to watch the cricket. Also during the cricket they tend to show some views around the country the cricket is in which might trick some people into going there

Where does the word cricket come from?

where does the word cricket come from

Which country invented cricket?

England invented cricket

What country won world cricket in2011?

The game is still on its first phase (how come the Winner is decided at this stage?)

Which country found cricket?

I am assuming you mean which country founded cricket. There is overwhelming evidence that cricket was founded in the southeast region of England.

Which country hosted 1996 cricket world cup?

cricket world cup in 1996 which country

In what country was cricket first played?

Cricket was originated from England

Which country sucks in cricket?

england national cricket team

Which country has the most number of test playing cricket grounds?

The country england have the most test cricket grounds

When was Mashonaland Country Districts cricket team created?

Mashonaland Country Districts cricket team was created in 1993.

Do protein from crickets come from what source?

from what source of the cricket does their protein come from. We are in disagreement of the cricket containing meat.

Why won't cricket 2008 come out because I'm bored of cricket 2007?

Cricket 2008

Is there a cricket species that freezes and then come back to life after winter?

No, a dead cricket is a dead cricket.

How many country will be play cricket in the 2015world cup cricket?


Is there a cricket team for sale?

No cricket teams are not for sale. they play for a country.

What country was cricket first played?

England played cricket first.

Where do crickets does?

Cricket is a game that is played between two teams in a cricket stadium.Every cricket playing nation has one or many cricket stadiums in their country.

What country was cricket first played in? suprised they are still rubbish at cricket

In which country was cricket born?

England is the motherland of cricket

What is the most famous cricket ground?

Depends in which country you live but Lord's cricket ground in London is considered the home of cricket

Which country have more cricket stadium?

India have the highest number of cricket stadiums. India have 56 number of cricket stadiums.

What does it mean when you find a cricket in your home?

If a cricket is in your house and is chirping constantly without pause, it is said that a pregnancy is soon to come. If a cricket is in the house and pauses in the chirping it is said that you will come into some money. If a cricket is in your home, it is bad luck to kill it. If a cricket comes into your home and it is silent, it means death is impending.

Why is cricket not a popular in cub a?

Cricket is very popular in Asia. Cuba is not a Asian country.

Which country plays the most cricket?

Australia is a Most nos of cricket matches played

Cricket is which countries national game?

Cricket is which country was born?