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Modern Football was officially invented in England. The Football Association was established in 1863 writing the rules for the game... with league and cup competitions following years later. England is referred to as the "Home of Football"

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Q: What country did Modern Football originate in?
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What first country in Europe did football originate from?

Football in its modern from originated in England. There were many earlier local games from which it originated.

In which modern-day country did Coffee originate?


What country did modern dance originate?

Europe and America

What country did horses originate?

the modern horse originated from Spain.

Did Football originate in China?

American Football did not originate in China.

In the region of which modern-day country did Islam originate?

Saudi Arabia.

From what modern day country did Confucianism first originate?

China, because Confucias was born there

What country did the NFL originate from?

The United States of America. (Football has its roots in soccer and rugby, which are English games. But American football -- and definitely the NFL -- is American.)

Where did flag football originate from?

Football or Soccerball

From what country did the vikings originate?

The Vikings came form Scandanavia - modern Denmark, Norway and Sweden

What country did the ancient Persian Empire originate from?

The Ancient Persian Empire originated in what is modern-day Iran.

Did football originate from rugby?

Rugby originated from soccer (football)

Where does Everton originate from?

Everton football club originate from the Liverpool district of Everton.

Where did Bellini originate?

In which country did the Bellini originate?

Did AFL football in Australia originate from Gaelic football in Ireland?


Where did football first originate?


Where did football originate from?

european rugby

In what country did turf hockey originate?

The modern game of field hockey (which is commonly played on an artificial turf) originated in England.

Did Gaelic Football originate in Scotland Ireland or Wales?

Gaelic Football is an Irish sport and one of Ireland's two big national sports, the other being Hurling. Gaelic Football's origins are entwined with many other football sports played across Europe. These led to various football games in the modern world. The first recorded versions of something similar to modern Gaelic Football in Ireland were in medieval times.Ireland.

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They originate from Germany.

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Poodles originate from Germany.

Which sport did touch football originate from?

it began as an easy way of American football

Where was football made in?

Football/soccer originate from China, but officially it started in England

Where did Gaelic football originate?

Gaelic football is a game which has been played in one form or another in Ireland for centuries. The first 'modern' set of written rules was drawn up by the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland. The modern game; Ireland

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what country did the zero symbol originate from?

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