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Yes she does, but she has just come back from a major injury.

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She plays for and represents Russia.

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Q: What country Maria Sharapova play tennis for?
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What sport did maria sharapova play?


What position does maria sharapova play?

Miss Sharapova is a tennis player. She plays singles, so she does not have a position. Positions are for team sports.

What are some famous people that play tennis?

Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova and Taylor dent

Why didn't maria sharapova play in the usopen?

Beijing Games due to a right shoulder injury.

Did maria sharapova ever play mixed doubles at a grand slam tournament?

Yes..with Max Mirnyi

Who is Tatijana Sheikhan?

Tatijana Sheikhan is a young tennis player, I've met and watched her playing tennis and she is WOW! I mean she can play great tennis. She definitely has a great chance of becoming a top pro, plus she looks like a mix between Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova which will help her getting sponsorships. If you want to become a fan SKYPE her or MSN her, just look up her name.

In which country does tennis play?

almost all of them. it just depends how good they are that makes tennis stand out in a country

Why does maria sharapova scream so loud?

It puts her competition off! and makes more people watch the men play and lets face it, it far more entertaining!

What country doesRoger Federer play for in tennis'?


Which countries play tennis?

Almost every country in the world has somehow contributed or plays tennis.

7 famous people who play tennis?

The top 7 tennis players are: 1. Rafael Nadal 2. Maria Sharapova 3. Marat Safin 4. Andy Roddick 5. Tommy Haas 6. Anna Kournikova 7. Taylor Dent

What is the best tennis country in the history?

Overall, the United States is by far the most successful tennis country in history. Australia, France, and Spain have also had success, but none so consistent as the American team.