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Greece where the Olympics started

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Q: What countries team always lead the march at the Olympic opening ceremony?
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Which country was first in the opening ceremony?

Greece is always the first country in the Olympic Opening Ceremony, because the Olympics originated from Greece.

What team always leads the procession at the opening ceremony of the olympic games?


Is country always marches last in the marchpast at the opening ceremony of the olympic?

host country

Which nation always leads the olympic parade at the opening ceremony and why?

Greece because it is the birthplace of the olympics

Which country always enters the stadium first in the opening ceremony parade of the olympic games?


Which country always marches out first in the olympic opening ceremony?

Greece always leads the ceremony, the host country is always last. Since the Olympics began in Greece they are given the honor of being the first to walk during the opening ceremonies.

Witch country always marches out last of the olympic procession?

The host nation always marches out last at the Olympics opening ceremony.

Which Country's team always marches last in the Parade of Nations in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games?

The Host Country.

Why does Greece always get be in procession of athletes at opening ceremony of the Olympics games?

The ancient Olympic Games originated from Greece; also the first edition of the modern Olympic Games was held in Athens - 1896.

Why does Greece go first in the Olympic opening ceremony?

Because Greece was the country that created the olympics, about 3,000 years ago. And the Hosting always goes last.

What is the first country to parade during the opening ceremony of the olympic geams?

The first country in the parade is always Greece.The last country is the host nation.In between, the countries march in alphabetical order according to the official language of the host nation.

What team always leads the procession at the opening ceremony?

france stupid

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