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Fourteen countries takes part in cricket world cup.It includes India,Australia,England and others teams.

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Q: What countries takes what countries takes part in the cricket world cup?
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How many countries would be playing the upcoming Cricket world cup?

There will be 14 countries taking part.

How many countries are taking part in the twenty20 cricket world cup 2009?

12 teams are taking part.

How many member countries are part of the International Cricket Council ICC today?

all countries which r playing cricket are the members of icc

How many countries participated in World Cup Cricket'2011?

National Teams of 14 countries took part in the last ODI ICC Cricket World Cup 2011-- India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan, England, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Kenya, Canada and Netherland.

How many teams takes part in ICC t20 world cup 2010?

Not sure of the answer but its a cricket competition - not soccer.

How many nations took part in the world cup cricket in 2011?

14 Teams took part in 2011 cricket world cup

How many member countries are part of the International Cricket Council today?

10 (Ten)

In which part of the world there no Islamic countries?

in which parts of the world are there no islamic countries?

What is the stump used for in cricket?

Cricket is a very popular sport that is played in a number of countries. The stump is part of the wicket. Generally speaking, a wicket has two stumps and one bail.

What is the number of countries that took part in World War 2?

I believe 6 countries took part in World War II.

How many different countries took part in first world cup?

13 countries took part of the first world cup.

How many countries took part in the 2010 world cup?

There were 32 countries at the world cup.