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There really is no answer. Lots of countries play Golf!

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Q: What countries play the most golf?
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What countries have golf?

Most Countries Have Golf Courses. Usually Really Poor Countries Don't Have The Courses.

How are countries ranked that play golf?

Golfers are ranked individually, but countries are not. There is The World Cup of Golf which takes place every year, Italy won the most recent one, in 2009.

How many countries participate in golf?

Over 25, with the U.S. having the most golf courses

Are you allowed to play soccer on a golf course?

Most likely not. Golf courses are for golf, and soccer fields are for soccer.

Where do the people play golf?

They play golf at a golf coarse

What sports do German's play?

Germans play the same sports as most other western countries, soccer, handball, basketball, golf, baseball, tennis, squash, etc, the list is pretty endless

Why do you play golf?

I play golf because it is fun.

How do you say play golf in Spanish?

I play golf is 'Yo juego al golf' or if you meant to play golf, 'Jugar al golf'For example in a sentence 'Me gusta jugar al golf' = I like to play golf

When was How to Play Golf created?

How to Play Golf was created in 1944.

How many people play golf worldwide?

Gazzillions - and most are crap.

Do Germans play golf?

Yes Germans do play golf, but it is not their most popular sport. Famous German Golfers include Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer.

Where do you go to play golf?

a golf course

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

What is the most glamorous place to play golf in Las Vegas?

The most glamorous place to play golf in Las Vegas is Tuscany Golf Club. There you can be teached golf by the designer Ted Robinson. You can go to the JW Marriot. It is a spa and golf resort that is really glamorous. It will give you everything you need before and after your rounds. It will be a little expensive but it is well worth the money.

How many people play golf in UK?

HI There How many People in the UK play Golf? HI There How many People in the UK play Golf?

Which countries play bowling the most?

The US and the UK play the most ten pin bowling.

Who created the Golf Club?

people that play golf

Why was the golf club invented?

to play golf better

Do gay kids play golf?

kids of all sexual orientations play golf.

Did Armstrong play golf on the moon?

Yes he did play golf on the moon.

Why did Althea Gibson play golf?

Althea Gibson did not play golf. She played tennis.

How many people in Australia play golf?

in Australia 300,465 people play golf

Did Albert Einstein play golf?

No, Albert Einstein didn't play golf, He was a a physicist.

Who was the first woman to play golf before they were allowed to play golf?

Nobody cares

What is the most talented sport?

Football golf and baseball hockey is not that much of a telent i play it