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England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA

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pretty much all of them, but they vary greatly in terms of level of competition and money

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Q: What countries play basketball professionally?
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Where is basketball played professionally?

Basketball is played in most countries professionally. The United States, most of Europe, China, Japan, and most other countries have professional basketball teams.

Who did not play basketball l professionally?

Tony Hawk

Did OJ Simpson play basketball?

OJ Simpson may have played basketball, but not professionally. He did play professional football.

Does John Wall play other sports professionally?

no, only basketball

Does basketball players play for countries or play for their own club?

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

How tall do you have to be to play professinal basketball?

There is no height limit. You can be any height and be able to play professionally.

Which sport does Kobe Bryant play professionally?

Basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA league.

What do basketball players worry about most?

Basketball Player WoesIf you're actually good enough to play professionally, you need to worry about Brian Scalabrine.

Did Michael Jordan play any other sports besides basketball in college?

Michael Jordan never played another sport after basketball professionally. But he did do videos on how to play basketball, he mainly taught his son Marcus after retiring. MJ is the god basketball

What is a sentence that you can use professionally in it?

The basketball player professionally dunked the ball.

What is a basketball player?

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

Does magic Johnson still play basketball?

No. Michael Jordan doesnt play ball anymore, but im pretty sure he has something to do with the NBA