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Handball is part of the summer Olympics.

So there was no Handball in the Olympics 2010, which was winter Olympics

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Q: What countries participate in hand ball in the Olympics 2010?
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What countries first played b-ball in the Olympics?

china and usa

When was net ball in the Olympics?

I am not sure that netball was in the Olympics

Is Hockey in the Olympics?

The game Ice hockey is in the Winter Olympics. But ball hockey is not in any Olympics

Can you keep a ball that flies in the stands in the Olympics?


What bat and ball events are in the Olympics?

in the Olympics there are various different types of games and events

What kind of sports in the Olympics?

foot ball swimming

Did they have football in the ancient Olympics?

no they dident have foot ball

When was volleyball introduced to the olympics?

it was introduced to the Olympics in 1996 it was two man beach volley ball

Average speed of ping-pong ball?

What is the average speed of a ping pong ball in the olympics?

What are the release dates for The Ball - 2010 VG?

The Ball - 2010 VG was released on: USA: 21 November 2010

What is the next Dragon Ball Z game in 2010?

there will be a Dragon Ball 2010 mugen

Why is dance somewhat qualified a sport but is not in the Olympics?

There is ice dancing in the winter Olympics and rhythmic gymnastics (dancing with a ball, hoop, or rope) in the summer Olympics

Which ball was used in Football World Cup 2010?

In the 2010 world cup a Adidas ball called the Jabulani ball was used.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Ball - 2010?

The cast of The Ball - 2010 includes: Mike Hillard as Narrator

When did Bubble Ball happen?

Bubble Ball happened in 2010.

What is the equipment you will need for dodge ball?

you will need people to participate and u need balls

What is the sport called in the Olympics that has a ball connected to a chain?

the hammer throw

What are the dimensions of nba basketball ball vs Olympics?

Same size

Is wall ball a sport?

it sure is, its in the Olympics and everything what a great sport

Which of these sports was not a competitive event at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

Dodge Ball

How many people play team handball world wide How many people in the owrld play team handball?

Nearly 140 countries participate in various international team hand ball competitions held world wide every year.An estimated 2 million people play hand ball at various levels in all these countries.

Who made 2010 World Cup ball?

.the fifa world cup 2010 south Africa ball was jabulani which was made in china and it is a molt ball

What actors and actresses appeared in Ball at the Box - 2010?

The cast of Ball at the Box - 2010 includes: Todd Delaney

What is the most perfect ball?

the 2010 world cup ball, maybe.

Is pickle ball ever played in the Olympics?

No. Pickleball has not been contested in the Olympics nor is it a recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.