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The sport of Bowling can be found in the majority of countries.

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Q: What countries is bowling playing in?
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Which one is correct sentence you are playing bowling or you are bowling?

"You are bowling" is correct. Bowling is generally considered a verb.

What is the name for a narrow platform for bowling and playing Skittles?

A bowling alley.

Which countries play bowling the most?

The US and the UK play the most ten pin bowling.

In which countries is bowling the most popular?

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

If you score a turkey what sport are you playing?


What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

How many countries play bowling?


What is meant by playing a perfect round in bowling?

Bowling 12 strikes in a row and getting a perfect game of 300.

What are two groups from other countries that can be traced to bringing the game of bowling to the New World?

The Dutch, the Germans, and the English each brought their own type of ninepin bowling to the US. Tenpin bowling is derived from ninepin bowling.

What organization established rules and equipment bowling?

The American Bowling Congress was the first organization to establish rules for the game and equipment. Since then, the United States Bowling Congress maintains the rules of the sport in the US and other countries have their own organizations that maintain the rules in their perspective countries.

What organization establishes standard playing rules and equipment specifications for bowling in the US?

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

If a perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?


What countries is bowling played in?

Tenpin bowling is played all over the world. It is most popular in the US and UK, but is very popular in Asian countries as well. It is the most popular indoor sport in the world.

What are the advantages of playing bowling?

bowling is a game and can also called as exercise. so the advantages of playing bowling are -to release tension -help us to become more patient only that in my mind hope can help

What is the highest score you can get when playing ten pin bowling?

300 == ==

When and where did baseball player Steve Bowling play?

Steve Bowling debuted on September 7, 1976, playing for the Milwaukee Brewers at County Stadium; he played his final game on October 2, 1977, playing for the Toronto Blue Jays at Exhibition Stadium.

When did bowling become popular?

The 1920s-1940s are considered to be the golden age of bowling. It was growing at such a rapid rate that bowling alleys were sprouting up all over the United States, throughout Europe, and even in Asian countries like Japan and China.

How do you get money in Eco Buddies?

you can get money by playing games. like the soccar game the memory card game the bowling game many games. you can get money by playing games. like the soccar game the memory card game the bowling game many games.

Rules in playing bowling?

1 is check your fingers first so you won't break them

What is a metaphor for a thunder storm?

thunder is the gods playing bowling and Athena got a strike

Is bowling a minor or major sport?

Minor, it's not like playing in the NFL or the AFL

How many calories do you burn playing Nintendo Wii tennis or bowling?

You burn about 5.3 calories per minute playing Wii Tennis.

What are some funny bowling award categories?

One funny bowling award category would be strangest form while bowling. Other categories could be, most gutter balls, fewest spares, and an award for playing an entire game without getting a strike.

How many bowling pins do you have to knock down to get a strike when bowling?

One is required to knock down all pins at once in a game of bowling in order to get a strike. If playing five pin, then 5 pins would need to be knocked down. Ten pins would be required in a game of 10 pin bowling.

What is Taylor swifts favourite sport?

contemplating the mysteries of life while playing zebra bowling