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Q: What countries forbid women from wearing shoes?
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What do women think of guys wearing women Reebok princess shoes or freesyle shoes?

It is nice to see a guy wearing these reebok shoes. I like it myself without socks.

What Nike shoes is Kristen Stewart wearing in new moon?

nike cortez women

Are Nike roshe shoes unisex?

basically I think any women can wear any of the mens shoes but the guys wearing the girl ones wouldn't be easy.

What stores stock good hard wearing shoes for women?

MBT sells some hardwearing shoes like the purple kaya casul shoes that should feel comfortable and last you well. They also do a selection of other shoes.

How are women viewed in the country of Turkey?

turkey is a secular but muslim country .first i tought women there were wearing like same in some arab countries but when i visited turkey , i saw tha women were wearing same like europe countrie.actually more mordern than some europe countries

How does wearing a burqa affect the daily movement of Muslim women?

Muslim women are not required, per religion to wear burqa or veil that covers her face. Religion, on the other hand, does not forbid wearing burqa. However, woman that selects wearing burqa should arrange her daily life activities accordingly. See related question below for more information.

How do the Brooks Ghost 3 shoes compare with other Brooks products?

The brooks ghost 3 shoes does come in both men and women versions. The specifics are that they are lightweight and feel like you are not wearing shoes at all.

What is a women's size 9 and a half in men's?

Men have no reason to be wearing women's clothes, but I would have to say 9 1/2

What are some good styles of shoes to wear for business?

There are websites that can help answer the question of what shoes to wear for business. For men, one is an article on the Real Men, Real Style website that begins with Stop Wearing Pilgrim Shoes. For women, Business Week's article, The Best Office Shoes for Women is a good place to start.

Did ancient Chinese women wear shoes that weren't 3 inches?

Yes. The ancient Chinese women first started foot-binding (wearing 3 inch shoes) in about 9 century (somewhere between Tang and Song dynasty).

What did the law of Ghalas forbid women to do in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

The law of Ghalas forbid women from making canoes or weapons in Island of the Blue Dolphins. This law was intended to prevent women from hunting and fishing, which were considered tasks only for men in the society of the novel.

Does hidan's religion forbid women?

actually yes!!