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You can ski in nearly any country that has mountains. The countries with the most ski resorts are the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Canada, but there are ski resorts on every continent except Antarctica.

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Q: What countries can you ski in?
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What countries ski in Europe?

Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia are the main ski countries in Europe. But, other countries in Europe do ski as well.

Which countries can you skiing in the summer?

you can ski in antartica!

Is downhill skiing done differently in other countries?

Yes, actually. In some countries people ski with twin tip skis, skis where both ends are elevated so they can go backwards. In some countries people ski on one wide ski sideways in soft boots and drag their knuckles. In other countries people ski uphill even! On the moon, robots go skiing.

What countries in Europe are good to ski in?

France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Did any Spanish speaking countries participate in skiing?

There are several Spanish speaking countries that have ski resorts. These countries include Spain, Chile, as well as Argentina. The South American country Brazil also has ski resorts, although this country speaks Portuguese.

What countries ski?

Countries don't ski, people do! That being said, you need a LOT of snow to completely cover the ground so that people can ski. The amount of precipitation (including snow) depends on a variety of factors and especially latitude (thus, countries in the very North and very South of the world) and elevation (countries with mountains). As you can see, this doesn't really narrow down the list much because even countries that are not near to the poles have lots of elevated grounds. Some areas where people ski are parts of the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Russia, e.t.c.

What ski resort in Europe covers 3 countries?

None. But there are are quite many ski resort covering two countries: France/Italy, France/Switzerland, France/Andorra, Switzerland/Italy, Switzerland/Austria, Italy/Slovenia and Austria/Germany.

What country was snowboarding?

There are countries that is perfect snowboarding, and offers a great snowboarding and ski package are found in the U.S. and Canada.

How many Americans die while wearing ski helmet skiing?

17 in 2011 including foreign countries

Where are Utah's is ski in ski out hotels?

Park City, Utah has a number of ski in ski out hotels.

What services are offered by IGLU Ski?

They cater for a range of interests. Though they specialize primarily in ski or snowboarding holidays, they also do trips to what they call the Iglu Lapland and cruises. They offer a range of ski resort locations (approximately around 100 resorts in over 20 countries).

What countries are nearest to Garmisch Germany?

Garmish is a tourist ski town in Bavaria IN Germany, so if you mean "countries" surrounding that part of germany, the closest would be Austria.

Where can one find skis for sale in Maine?

Some Maine ski shops include Golf and Ski Warehouse, Al's Ski Barn, Arlberg Ski and Surf Shops, Akers Ski, Ski Depot, Carter's X-C Ski Center, and Gorham Bike and Ski.

Does Breckenridge Ski Resort have a ski school for children?

The Brekenridge Ski Resort, similar to most ski resorts, offers begginer and intermediate ski schools that children can take to learn how to ski on the slopes.

Why do they call a ski hill a ski hill?

because more people ski

How ski is played?

you put skis on your feet, on a ski slope and you ski down it.

Is Ireland a good skiing country?

Ireland does not get enough snow to have constant places for skiing in winter, so it is not good for skiing. There are no ski resorts in Ireland. Irish people who want to ski go to other countries to do so.

Where do people go skiing?

Mountains. Most temperate countries with mountains have skiing facilities. Europe: France, Switzerland, Austria all have the Alps Spain and Andorra have skiing. UK has various Ski centres in Scotland America and Canada have multiple areas Australia has soem skiiing New Zealand has a developing industry Japan has quite a large ski sytem South America has some developing ski areas in some areas. Other developing countries, such as India, are also developing ski centres.

What actors and actresses appeared in I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski - 1936?

The cast of I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski - 1936 includes: Jack Mercer as Popeye Mae Questel as Olive Oyl Gus Wickie as Bluto

What does ski ski mean?

There is no meaning for the word "ski ski" , its not a word. If you mean ski, then that is a sport . You can look it up on google, i dont have the complete definition. Good luck , QuestionGuru12

What is a ski bowl?

a ski bowl is a face on the mountain that looks like a bowl and you can ski in it

What is better Yamaha or ski doo?

Ski doo Yamaha has nothing on ski doo

What is the Difference between ski jet and jet ski?

ski jets dont exist

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

How do you say after ski in French?

après ski