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The only countries that have been to all Summer Olympics are Australia, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Greece. Since the first Winter Olympics in 1924 only Switzerland, France and Great Britain have take part in each Winter Games. So three nations have competed at all Summer and Winter Olympics - Switzerland, France and Great Britain.

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Q: What countries are the only ones to have competed in all the games since 1896?
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How long has Australia competed in the oylmpics?

Australia is one of only 4 countries that have competed in every games of the modern Olympiad, so since 1896.

The first games in which Australia competed in?

Except for the three that were cancelled due to World Wars, Australians have competed in every Olympic Games of the modern era since 1896.

How many discus events in modern olympic games?

Men have competed in Olympic discus since the first Modern Olympics in 1896. Women have competed in Olympic discus since 1928.

Is shotput an Olympic sport?

Yes ... men have competed in shotput since the 1896 Summer Games in Athens and women since the 1948 Summer Games in London.

How many long jump events in modern olympic games?

Long jump has been an Olympic event since the Modern Olympics began in 1896. Men have competed in Olympic long jump since 1896. Women have competed in Olympic long jump since 1948.

When did bicycling become an Olympic sport?

Cycling has been competed since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens.

How many people competed in the 1896 Olympic Games?


In how many Olympics has Spain competed in?

Spain has competed in 17 Winter Olympic Games (all since 1936) and in 21 Summer Olympic Games (all except 1896, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1936).

Female competitors in the 1896 Olympics?

There were no female competitors at the 1896 Games in Athens. The first Games that women competed in was the 1900 Games in Paris.

What was the first year America competed in the Olympics?

America first competed in the Modern Olympics at the 1896 Games in Athens.

Athletes from what countries competed in the first modern olympics in 1896?

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Which 5 sports have been contested at all modern summer olympic games?

Athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, and swimming have been competed at all Summer Olympics since the 1896 Games in Athens.

What two countries have participated in every modern Olympic games since 1896?

Greece, Great Britain and Australia.

How many countries competed in the first modern olympic games in 1896?

At the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896 there were 14participating nations ; Greece (host nation), Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

What were the games in the first olympic games in 1896?

Events competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics: Athletics (Track and Field) Cycling Fencing Gymnastics Shooting Swimming Tennis Weightlifting Wrestling

When did Hungary first compete in the Olympics?

Hungary first competed at the first Modern Olympics, the 1896 Games in Athens. Hungary has competed in all Olympic Games, Winter and Summer, except for the 1920 Summer Games and the 1984 Summer Games.

When was cycling included in Olympics?

Cycling has been competed at the Olympics since the first Modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

How many athletes competed in the first modern Olympics?

From the 241 participants representing 14 nations in 1896, the Games have grown to 10,500 competitors from 204 countries at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

When did the Olympic games start taking place in other countries?

The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece and since 1900 they take place in other countries

In 1886 how many countries competed?

The first modern Olympics were held in 1896. Fourteen countries sent representatives to compete in this male only Olympics in Athens.

How many countries competed in the Olympics in 1896?

The 1896 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece is cited as the first version of the Modern Olympic Games. It featured 241 athletes from 14 different nations. These athletes, however, came as individuals, most sponsoring themselves, as national teams had not yet been organized.

Australia's first Olympics?

Australia has competed in all of the Olympic Games of the modern era. The first Olympic Games of the modern era was held in Athens from the 6th of April to the 15th of April, 1896. 211 competitors representing 14 countries competed in 9 sports and 43 events. Australia won 2 Gold Medals.

Who organized the very first Olympic games?

Explanation: The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens. A Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin initiated the revival of these ancient games. Only 14 countries participated and approximately 241 male athletes competed.

Ellery clark wore what clothing?

a track uniform. He competed in the 1896 and 1904 Olympic Games.

What year was cycling introuced in the olympic games?

It was introduced to the summer Olympics in 1896Cycling has been competed since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. There were six cycling events in 1896:1/3 km time trial, 2,000 meter sprint, 10,000 meters, 100 kilometers, 12 hour endurance race, and individual road race.