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Q: What couler was santas suit in the olden days?
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What is Santas favoroute couler?

Santa's best color is Red, that's why his suit is red ...

Who populised red as the colour of santas suit?

the coca cola advert

What colour was Santas suit before settling to its current red colour?


You are thinking of dying your hair your hair is brown but you want to go lighter what couler will suit you best?

light brown

What does a adverbial clause look like?

santas face is oval and puruple his suit is also puruple

Which days 'suit or suits' you?


Why is the colors red and green popular for Christmas?

it is popular because red from santas suit and green from all the tree and leaf things like the christmas tree or mistletoe that is why

What did Simon bolivar wear?

he wore his army suit most of the days

Why is Spider Man's suit red and blue?

Because he went to his schools theader club and grabbed the first costume that fit him.

What was santas original color?

The original colour of Santa - AKA Saint Nicholas (Santa was his nickname) was green. He was a Bishop, and green was the colour of his Bishop robes. He became famous because he was known to leave gifts and food for poor families and orphaned children on Christmas, hence where we get our stories of Santa Claus from. Coca-Cola changed his colour from green to red during their adverts on TV, because green represented their rival company, 7-Up.

How long does it take to get your money after a discrimination suit?

If you came to an agreement then it should no less then 30 days.

Does santas reideer really fly?

EMBELLISHMENT: It means it's a lie, supported by thousands of people to bring 'joy' and 'hope' to children, except those children eventually follow suit and continue the lie, until one day NORAD accidentally shoots down 'santa'.