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Have you taken a pregnancy test?

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Q: What could be wrong if your nipples are swollen and pink?
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How do you have pink nipples?

You cannot change the color of your nipples

What is the colour of VidyaBalan breasts nipples?


How do you get pink nipples?

Some people have them, some people don't. You can;t make your nipples pink if they aren't naturally that colour.

What color are your nipples?


What is a term for swollen eyelid?

Pink eye maybe. Depends if you got hit and is swollen, or pink eye. Black eye maybe....

Why is my eyelid swollen in the corner and it hurts to blink?

Your eyelid may be swollen in the corner and hurts due to an eye infection. You could have something like pink eye or even a sty in your eye.

What is wrong with my boyfriends eye it is swollen and sore and not a stye and its not pink?

Without examination, there could be a number of causes. Common ones to consider are 1) trauma to the eye, and 2) allergic reaction (usually by rubbing the eye, after an irritant has been touched by the hands.

Will a fair girl's nipples be light pink in color or brown?

pink if she has red hair

Why are nipples pink?

Because they are hot

Can black people have pink nipples?


How do you make your nipples pinker?

ipples pink

Why are some girls nipples pink?

no reason

What Women Have Pink Nipples?

White women

What is th difference between pink nipples and brown nipples?

There isn't one. its ok if you have brown or pink it doesnt really matter.

Can a female cat have nipples when they are not pregnant?

yes they can but they wont be as big as a pregnant cat and they will be like a very light pink cause a pregnant cats nipples are very pink and big .

What is makimg 1of my angus bulls and one heifer to go blind in one eye?

Pink eye can cause cattle to go blind...if it looks infected or swollen it could possibly be pink eye

If your eye is a little pink swollen and irritating is it pink eye?

YES.=And can be very painful.=

Do eyes get swollen with pink eye?

Yes swelling does occur when you/someone has a pink eye

Do the middles of your nipples turn pink to dark pink when you're pregnant?

There supposed to be brown, I think.

Do boys like pink or brown nipples?

i personally like brown nipples they are more appealing (they turn me on) but you have to be tan.

Why you woke up your left eye is swollen shut?

If it's swollen shut, my guess is conjunctivitis (pink eye).

What color are female nipples supposed to be?

A womans nipples can range in color from the palest pink to a real dark brown. It is mostly a matter of genetics.

What is the coulour of nipples of breasts of kareena kapoor?

as saif is his he use to suck her nipples. that"s why it appears pink.

Do men prefer big small dark or pink nipples?

Men loved to see, touch, lick nipples. Pink nipples look fresh and young, dark nipples look exotic and sexy. When men have sex it's arousing to have a pair of great boobs in their face. The color and size - to each his own. Personally - small, black nipples, i.e. on a beautiful latina :P

What if your hamster has some pink dots on her stomach?

that's her nipples.