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u could be prego

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Q: What could be wrong if you have loss of appetite but still gaining weight sore nipples and feel bloated and sick?
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Why do you look pregnant when you're not?

Ether you are gaining weight or you are bloated.

Do cigarettes keep you from gaining weight. Even though it doesn't effect your appetite?


What is the medical term meaning loss of appetite and an obsessive fear of gaining weight?

Anorexia nervosa is the medical term meaning loss of appetite and obsessive fear of weight gain.

What if your 13 you miss your period your gaining weight and bloating. But never had sex. Could you be pregnant?

If you have never had sex then you are definitely not pregnant but if you are gaining weight, bloated and you missed your period then it sounds kind of serious and you should go and see your doctor. The main thing is no sex = no baby.

Is the drugs that Barry Gibb have been taking for his rheumatoid arthritis causing his hair to fall out and his body to look bloated?

No, he is losing his hair and gaining weight from the everyday stress of fiddling testicles

What is anorexy?

Anorexy is an archaic name for anorexia, a loss of appetite as a result of disease, or anorexia nervosa, self-starvation due to a fear of gaining weight.

Your period was later than it normally is you are normally right on schedule you have noticed that you are gaining weight and your appetite has increased you feel like you just eat and eat and not get?


What is vigorix forte oral syrup used for?

I think its to open your appetite and help you gain weight

Does tramadol hydrochloride cause weight gain?

no it does not cause weight gain. as a matter of fact, it does just the opposite, causes weight loss.have been taking only 2 50mg th capsules every day for 2weeks and have already lost over 15 pounds. It seems to act as an appetite suppressant. It can cause nausea which would account for loss of appetite. But i have not heard of anyone actually gaining weight with this drug.

What is ditex?

it is an appetite suppresant and it does not make you lose weight. It helps with suppressing the appetite while you are on a weight loss plan.

Is Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum gaining weight?

Yes, as of the 2012 Grammys she appeared to be gaining weight.

How to tell if a teddy bear hamster is pregnant?

1) Her nipples will start showing. 2) She will start gaining weight. 3) She will start creating a nest and hiding her food.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

What kind of symptoms do cows have if they have worms?

Rough hair coat, increased appetite without showing any sign of gaining weight, appearing to loose weight, those sort of things. "Having worms" could mean different parasites are infecting the cows; be they external or internal.

What anime has girls gaining weight?

Well in a episode of Gintama a these girls were gaining weight but they lost weight after they went to this diet camp

What Is The Suitable Way Of Gaining Weight?

The most suitable way of gaining weight is to eat more frequently.

What foods are best for gaining weight for exercise?

Most athletes are in the business of gaining weight. But with weight gaining foods is not about how much you but is more about what you eat. The most popular foods is Whey Protein and dairy products.

Does lysovit help the body to with appetite?

yes it contains lysin which is appetite stimulant so ultimately it will increase your appetite and weight

If you get your periods 10days late afterthat feel nausea headaches bloated stomach loss og appetite but still gain weight and now feel pain in your right leg does it mean you m pregnant or ovulating?

You are definitely pregnant think about your period has not come yet and your gain weight and throwing up those are all symptoms of your being pregnant

Does gaining weight make stretch marks go away?

Gaining weight can cause more stretch marks.

Can you gain muscle mass with weight training without gaining weight?

No that is impossible. You cannot gain muscle mass without ever gaining weight.

Im in first month of my pregnancy you added 5 kg in first month How can I loose extra weight?

Hey, do not worry in gaining weight during your pregnancy because I myself gained a lot as well! I bloated up but lost it all afterwards thanks to the yummymummy program. Read it more on my blog if you're interested :

How can you make your breasts grow without gaining weight?

No, you can't grow larger breasts without gaining weight all over.

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

Does smoking weed make you lose weight?

Weed speeds up your metabolism, but it also increases your appetite. It is used with chemotherapy patients to increase their appetite to prevent them from losing too much weight. Just like most weight loss, it will vary from person to person.