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If they reach their full charge in 2 hours then the charger is suppose to shut off.

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Q: What could be wrong if golf cart batteries charge for couple of hours then shut off?
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How long do you charge AA batteries on a Duracell NiMh charger AA batteries?

2 hours

How long do you charge airsoft batteries?

normally 8 hours

How long does it take to charge an electric bb gun?

The owners manual will give you that information. Different batteries take different times to charge. But usually 8 hours will charge most batteries.

How long does it take to charge ps3 move controller?

couple hours

How long does Nintendo 3DS charge?

Assuming that the 3DS is out of batteries, it will take around 3-4 hours to charge.

How long does it take to charge a hoverboard?

It should take roughly 1-3 hours to charge the batteries in a hoverboard.

Do you have to charge the LG dare for 24 hours on its first charge?

all mobile phone use lithium batteries they don't need to be primed it stemmed from the days we had ni cad batteries which needed to be primed to make shure it was in top form, you had to charge it up for about 18 hours discharge it then charge it as normal. lithium batteries do not need this they do not suffer from the so called memory effect just charge it up as normal

How long does it take to charge 6 batteries in a golf cart?

average golf cart battery is 110 amps. if you have 6 batteries in a 36 volt system, and you use a 20 amp charger it could take up to 5 1/2 hours (depending on the state of charge of your batteries when you begin the charge). Were they at 50% charge? Were they at 20% charge? Pop a cap and check with a hydrometer before you begin your charge and then you can calculate how long. Be sure and use the amperage of your charger in the formula.

I got four ENELOOP Batteries for a mouse and they don't last 5 minutes before needing a charge. How long should it be before I have to charge ENELOOP Batteries?

I cannot definitely answer your question as I have no data on those specific batteries, however did you allow the batteries to fully charge before trying to use them? Many modern high capacity rechargeable batteries come with a small charge at the time of sale and if used in that state they will be permanently damaged. To prevent damaging them always fully charge them before using them (and this first charge will take several hours).

How long should you charge a 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery?

That really depends on what charger you are using. Some chargers fill up your batteries in just a couple of hours or less, but others (mostly older chargers) can also take 10 hours to do it! Maybe the manual of your chargers says something about the charging time of your batteries.

What is the hypothesis for I book batteries last 5 hours?

If the ibook batteries last for 5 hours,then it could recharge or get some batteries I.V:ibook batteries D.V:last for 5 hours Control group:find out the experiment for it Experimental group:test it out This is the answer for if, Ibook batteries last for 5 hours.You coul ask me a question on my gmail its

How batteries in electric cars work?

Electric cars motors are powered by the batteries the batteries are typically Lead-Acid or Lithium Ion batteries. Batteries will normally stay charged in between 100-300 miles and take 3-8 hours to charge.

How fast can a smart- charger charge a battery?

Just a little under an hour for 1100mAh-2200mAh batteries but probably 2 hours and up for bigger batteries. I charged 2 1600mAh batteries (1 being 8.4v an the other being a 9.6v) in under 2 hours.

Why will duracell nimh 1-2v 2650mah batteries last only a few hours in your digital camera but Olympus camedia ni-mh 1-2v 1700mah batteries will last for weeks?

the duracell batteries have probably gone bad. If you bought them recently, you might have bought them bad right off the shelf. technically, they should last you about time and a half in the camera. also, if you use the batteries for a while and then stop using them and let them sit at a discharged state for a couple months or more, the batteries will go bad. they may take a charge but they will be unable to hold the charge.

How long does it usually take to charge a camcorder battery?

Most camcorder batteries can be fully charged in 6 to hours.

How long do you charge nimh batteries?

No set answer to that. It depends on charger output and battery capacity. Usually a few hours.

How long can you charge a crosman R71 airsoft gun?

Most batteries (using a standard wall charger) will charge in 3-4 hours. This includes high and low quality batteries. But considering it's crosman, if it uses AA batteries, why the heck are you trying to recharge them? Hope that helps, Mako Nazarbayev

How long does it take for a ps3 controller to charge?

couple hours, but you can use it while charging with the cable attached during that 2 hours.

How Long To Charge 12 Volt Battery?

On a car battery? on most battery chargers there are three settings trickle or something around 2 amps which will take a good 12 hours to 24 hours a second for small batteries which is a few more amps that could take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours and a fast charge which is even more amps and anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, also some chargers have a start option which cranks over a car so the alternator will charge it correctly, the trickle charge is the best charge but will take the longest

You installed new battery and alternator and now car cranks up sometimes usually after sitting for a couple of hours. My old batteries negative post had melted away Could starter be causing this?

Youhave a short in the system. Could be the starter or a bare wire.

What computers have the longest lasting laptop batteries between charges?

Dell laptops currently have the highest rated batteries. They typically can keep a full charge for at least 3 hours depending on the type of use.

4batteries are connected in parallel what will be the required current of the charger to charge these batteries in 2hours 12volts batteries?

12 volts only refers to the voltage, to be able to say anything about charge time you also need to know the capacity rating in amp hours of the batteries. Assuming lead-acid batteries the charger needs to go to > 14.4 V and then a proportional amount of amps as compared to the capacity rating of the batteries. A rough approximation is that batteries needs to be charged with about 1.4 times their amp rating. An 1 Ah battery would need 2 hours on a 0.7 amp charger for instance.

How long does it take for a wii remote on a Wii charger take to charge?

Usually it takes roughly 3 hours for it to charge. It may be different if your controllers have always been powered by batteries previously, but otherwise, 3 hours. If you leave it more than 4 hours it can break or short out

Honda 1994 magna 750 and bought 2 new batteries and both have gone dead after riding a couple of hours?

Your stator probably is not working.

How long does the Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery take to charge in the Hubsan FPV x4 quadcopter?

a couple of hours