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Q: What cool street bmx can you get for 140pound?
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Why do young people like to play street BMX?

Young people like to play street BMX for a number of reasons. One is that young people want to be "unique". Young people also want to appear hip and cool, so doing something dangerous like BMX is a perfect way to look "cool".

Is a bmx lighter than a street bike?

A street bike is a type of BMX bike, so your question can't be answered.

Are bikes from academy real bmx bikes?

Yes, they are professional bmx for street/park.

What can you use a bmx bike for?

freestyle, dirt, street

Is the bmx on the road?

Street, dirt, vert, anything

What type of sport is freestyle BMX?

Freestyle BMX is another name for BMX stunt riding . BMX is a special bicycle designed for doing stunts. There are 5 main disciplines in the BMX sport and they are trails, flatland, vert , street and park.

Does a cool kid play with himself?

cool kids hang out in a gang .some ride bikes or bmx

Is a stolen brand bmx any good for racing or only street riding?

just street riding

What is better the fit park 1 bmx bike or the fit street 2 bmx?

Fit street 2 b.c lighter frame but i wouldn't recommend getting a Free Agent Crown Imperial

Why do people like bmx racing?

Because they are for stunts and ramps and a lot of people such as me take interest in that because they are fun and bmx's are also a fashion item/ they are "cool".

What is a cool bmx team name?

Mlb major league bikes, bts biking towards success

Why are street bikers called bmxers?

Because the bikes they use are known as BMX bikes.