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Just a run batted in...someone had to be on base and the batter got him home.

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Q: What constitutes an rbi?
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What is the name of compound RbI?

RbI is Rubidium iodide.

Is it 7 RBI or 7 RBI's?

Formally, since RBI stands for "runs batted in" it should be "seven RBI". However, in virtually universal usage, RBI is treated as a singular noun and therefore seven of them would be "seven RBIs".

Who was the first RBI Governor?

Sir Osborne smith was the first RBI governor but the first Indian rbi governor was C.D.Deshmukh who was the third rbi governor

Where is the RBI situated?

the RBI is situated in NEW DELHI

What is the ionic compound RbI?

RbI is rubidium iodide.

What is the RBI price on coal on 28 November 2008?

what is the current RBI price on coal what is the current RBI price on coal

How does RBI work?

An RBI works like this, if a batter hit the ball, no matter in what situation ( besides getting out with 2 outs) and if they get out or not but they get a run in, it is an RBI. An RBI stands for runs batted in.

IS a rbi ground out to second base a sacrifice?

No, a RBI is Runs batted in, which means when somebody scores whoever is batting gets an RBI

What is statutory liquidity ratio of RBI?

the rbi governer should ans this que first tht wht is monetory power of rbi

Who is the chairman of rbi?

Dr. YV Reddy is the Governor of the RBI

Who is Current rbi Governor?

D. Subbarao is the governor of RBI.

Who is the head of RBI?

D. Subba Rao is the Governor of RBI

What is RBI stand for in softball stats?

Run Batted In =RBI

How many RBI's did Roberto Clemente have?

1,305 RBI's in his career.

What is the criteria to get an RBI on a groundout?

A batter gets an RBI if his groundout scored a runner. The only exception is if the batter hit into a double play, in which case no RBI is given. Of course if the runner scored on an error, and not on the groundout, there is also no RBI.

Who was the Cubs rbi leader in 2007?

Aramis Ramirez with 101 RBI.

Most rbi's by a shortstop for a career?

Honus Wagner with 1732 RBI

Who is thegoverner of rbi?

Please rephrase this question. There is no such thing as a governor of RBI.

Where is the RBI headquarters located?

RBI headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Do you get an rbi on an error?

No. An RBI is not awarded on an error. A fielder's choice, a sacrifice, a walk with the bases loaded or a hit. That's about it. A fielding error does not warrant an RBI.

What is an rbi in softball?

An rbi is when there is a runner on a base and the hitter is at the plate and hits the ball and the runner that was on the base comes home and scores rbi = RUN BATTED IN

Do you get an RBI on a Fielder's choice?

Yes you would get an RBI on a fielders choice. If a runner scores on any batted ball the batter will get an RBI, whether an out is made or not.

What does RBI stand for baseball?

RBI stands for Runs Batted In say you hit a single when a guy is on third and he scores then you would get an RBI for batting in a run

Does a batter get an RBI on a walk in baseball?

I dont think it is a RBI Yes, the batter does get an RBI on a walk with the bases loaded.

Who had the most RBI in 2011 regular season?

Matt Kemp with 126 RBI's.