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Q: What conjunctions are in this sentence Cathy won not only a blue ribbon but also took home the champion trophy?
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What is the conjunction in the sentence Cathy won not only a blue ribbon but also took home the champion trophy?

This sentence has INCORRECT GRAMMAR. However,the conjunction is but, and is part of the correlating conjunction "not only...but also."CORRECT FORMS - conjunctions connect identical functionsCathy won not only a blue ribbon but also the championship trophy. Cathy not only won a blue ribbonbut also took home the championship trophy.

What is the name of the US Open tennis men's champion trophy?

My trophy -Andy Murray

Where was the ICC champion's Trophy conducted in 2009?

you are correct

Where was the 2004 edition of the icc champion trophy held?

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

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mark ingram

Is we won the trophy a declarative sentence?


What is a sentence using the word trophy?

I am happy with the trophy I earned.

How many times have chesale won the champion league?

Chelsea are still waiting for their first champion league trophy.

What is a sentence with Trophy in it?

We won a terrific championship trophy from our football league.

When did the Pakistan national cricket team win the ICC Champions Trophy?

Pakistan team has never won the ICC Champion's Trophy.

What is a sentence with the word trophy?

We will bring the trophy home this time.She won a trophy for her excellent dancing.

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