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Q: What conferences did Thomas D'Arcy McGee attend?
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Was Thomas Darcy McGee for or against confederation?

Thomas D'Arcy McGee was a strong supporter of Confederation.

Who here goes to Darcy McGee high?

not me!

Why was Thomas Darcy McGee important?

Thomas Darcy McGee was important because he was a prominent Irish-Canadian politician, journalist, and writer who played a key role in the founding of Canada. He was a strong advocate for Canadian Confederation and helped to unite the various provinces into a single nation. McGee also worked towards promoting immigration and cultural diversity in Canada, and his assassination in 1868 had a profound impact on Canadian politics.

What is Thomas D'Arcy McGee's birthday?

Thomas D'Arcy McGee was born on April 13, 1825.

When was Thomas M. McGee born?

Thomas M. McGee was born on 1955-12-15.

When was Thomas W. McGee born?

Thomas W. McGee was born on 1924-05-24.

When did Thomas D'Arcy McGee die?

Thomas D'Arcy McGee died on April 7, 1868 at the age of 42.

How old was Thomas D'Arcy McGee at death?

Thomas D'Arcy McGee died on April 7, 1868 at the age of 42.

What has the author Thomas A McGee written?

Thomas A. McGee has written: 'Juvenile court petitions' -- subject(s): Juvenile courts, Forms

Was Thomas D'Arcy McGee for or Aginst Confederation?


How old is Thomas D'Arcy McGee?

Thomas D'Arcy McGee was born on April 13, 1825 and died on April 7, 1868. Thomas D'Arcy McGee would have been 42 years old at the time of death or 190 years old today.

Why did darcy mcgee die?

he was assassinated because he was a member of parliament and a fighter for the rights of Irish Catholic rights. he was killed in Ottawa Canada. in 1868