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NFL Conference with Most Super Bowl WinsIf you don't count the 4 pre-merger games, the NFC has 19 Superbowl wins and the AFC has 17. The 4 pre-merger games were split 2 NFL and 2 AFL. Answer Update

After Super Bowl XLI, the count is NFC 19, AFC 18 with the first four split 2-2.

As of Superbowl XLI in 2007, NFC has won 21 and AFC has won 20. Counting Superbowl I,II, and III which was AFL vs NFL. Also the NY Jets were in the NFL at the time they won Superbowl III and now they are AFC. so it makes it hard to say which conference has won more, because of all the changes in the NFL through the years.

NOTE: for super bowls with conferences, I just count the teams that are in the AFC and NFC and see how many super bowls each team has, doing so the AFC has 19 super bowls, and the NFC has 23, as of the giants super bowl win in super bowl 42.

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why would you not count pre-merger Super Bowls????? So you can say the NFC has the most wins?

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Q: What conference of the NFL has the most Super Bowl victories?
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