What conference is Arizona state in?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The Cardinals play in the National Football Conference West Division.

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The Arizona State Sun Devils are in the PAC-10 conference for all sports.

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Q: What conference is Arizona state in?
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Arizona state is a member of which conference?

I believe it's in the PAC-10

In which conference does the Arizona Wildcats football team compete?

The Arizona Wildcats football team competes in the Pacific-12 Conference. The other members of this conference are the Arizona State Sun Devils, California Golden Bears, Colorado Buffaloes, Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers, Stanford Cardinals, UCLA Bruins, USC Trojans, Utah Utes, Washington Huskies, and Washington State Cougars.

What teams participated in 2012's Pac 10 Football Conference?

By 2012, the American football conference previously known as Pac-10 had be renamed as the Pacific 12 Conference, or Pac-12. The teams who participated in Pac-12 in 2012 were California, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, USC, WAC, Big Sky, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah.

Was the two Arizona football teams ever in the WAC conference?

Both Arizona State University and the University of Arizona played in the Western Athletic Conference from 1962, the WAC's first season, to 1978. Both schools left at the same time to join the PAC-8, which then became known as the PAC-10.

How many national championships does the PAC 10 have?

As the name implies, there are 10 teams in the Pac-10 Conference. The teams, and their locations, are: University of Arizona - Tuscon, Arizona Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona University of California - Berkeley, California University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California University of California-Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California Stanford University - Palo Alto, California University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon Oregon State University - Corvallis, Oregon University of Washington - Seattle, Washington Washington State University - Pullman, Washington

When was North State Conference created?

North State Conference was created in 1930.

Is Arizona a state?

Yes, Arizona is a state.

What conference is Indiana state in?

Indiana State is a member of the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

What conference is Iowa state university in?

Iowa State University is in the Big 12 Conference

Is Arizona a city or state?

It's a state. There's also Arizona City, Arizona, Atlántida, Honduras. The grand canyon is in Arizona.

What is Arizona's state mineral?

Arizona's state mineral is copper. This is why Arizona's nickname is the copper state. Their state gemstone is turquoise. They don't have a state rock or stone.

What division football is University of Arizona?

ASU is in Pacific 10 division for football