What conditions do lions live in?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: What conditions do lions live in?
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How old do lions live up to?

Lions live 13-25 years in captivity.Lions live different amount of time in captivity. It depends greatly on the conditions of the zoo. Lions live around forty years in good conditions but live longer in the wild.13-25 years.

Do lions live in the safari?

yes lions live in the safari

In what temperature do lions live?

What type of climate do lions live in? What type of climate do lions live in?

Do lions live in African jungles?

Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.

Do lions live in the savanna?

yes, lions live there.

Do lions live in a group or do they live alone?

lions live in groups

Can you List of animals which live in a very cold conditions such as Arctic?

Polar bears, arctic wolves, penguins, sea lions...

Do lions live Australia?

Lions are indigenous to Africa. Other than the lions in the zoo, lions do not live in Australia.

Do lions live in the tropical rainforests?

No,lions live in Africa

Do lions live in woods?

They live in the jungles and grasslands.

Do mountain lions live?

Of course, mountain lions live.

Do lions live on land or in water?

Lions live on land.