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The revolutionary product first introduced during the 1984 Super Bowl was the first personal computer for the Apple Macintosh.

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The Apple Macintosh.

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Q: What computer was introduced in the 1984 Super Bowl ads?
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What newrevoluntionary product was introduced in a creepy Super bowl advertisement in 1984?

The Apple Macintosh personal computer. The ad, titled "1984," was inspired by George Orwell's classic novel of the same title. It aired only once, during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984.

What computer introduecd in 1984 super bowl adds?

Apple Computers, Inc.

Who was the Super Bowl mvp in 1984?

1984 Super Bowl XVIII MVPThe winner of the MVP Award for the 1984 Super Bowl XVIII was Los Angeles Raiders running back Marcus Allen.

What company spent 400000 on an ad that appeared only once during the 1984 Super Bowl?

Apple Computer

When did Super Bowl XVIII happen?

Super Bowl XVIII happened on 1984-01-22.

The winner of the 1984 Super Bowl?

The Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Raiders played in the 1984 Super Bowl

Who introduced the 2011 Super Bowl teams?

Sam Elliott

Who played in the 1984 Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl played in 1984 (XVIII) featured the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Raiders.The Super Bowl of the 1984 season (XIX) hosted the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

Who lost the 1984 super bowl?

Miami Dolphins

What super bowl did the raiders play the redskins?


How many Lombardi Trophies do the 49ers have?

The San Francisco 49ers have won five super bowls: Super Bowl XVI in 1981, Super Bowl XIX in 1984, Super Bowl XXIII in 1988, Super Bowl XXIV in 1989, and Super Bowl XXIX in 1994.

What actor introduced the 45th Super Bowl teams?

Sam Eliot