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The first motorcycles were produced by companies like Indian, Harley, BSA, and Norton. And since in the early 20th century there were a lot more dirt roads than there were paved roads, these motorcycles were designed to be riden on the dirt as well as the paved roads. Making Matchless the first company to produce a dirt bike in 1899.

As a modern dirt bike goes, it seems that the earliest reverence I can find is a 1924 Velocette. It was used in the first Motocross event known as a "Scramble" in Camberley, Surrey in southern England. There were probably other bikes used in this race, but you might be able to find more information with this race. But by the 1930s BSA, Norton, Rudge, Matchless, and AJS all made bikes to be used in the Scramble, so any of these bikes could be the first dirt bike, I just couldn't find any mention of them in the first Scramble. However as far as motorcycles used offroad, the 1914 Triumph Model A was used by the British Army as an offroad vehicle during WWI

Most of the first motorcycles made were basically bicycles with an internal combustion engine strapped on somehow. These bikes were constructed just as "roads" were beginning to appear, so they were built to ride off road as well. Therefore, even the first motorcycles could be referred to as "dirt bikes". So dirt bikes (and street bikes) have been around since the dawn of motorycling, just at the time they were simply considered regular motorcycles.

So no one person invented the dirt bike. People began to modify their bikes to ride in the dirt, starting with knobby tires and better suspensions, changing gearing/sprockets, frames, doing everything possible to lighten and strengthen them, getting rid of parts not needed in dirt riding (lites, horn, etc.).

One of the first motorcycles designed specifically for offroad use was by Sigfried Bettmann of Coventry, England. The company name was Triumph Motorcycles and the year was 1914.
Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885.

Modified by Siegfried Bettman in 1914.

The "true" inventor, Soichiro Honda in the late 1950's.

kyle crammer invented the first dirt bike.
Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885.

Modified by Siegfried Bettman in 1914.

The "true" inventor, Soichiro Honda in the late 1950's.

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husquavarna made the first modern dirt bike in 1968.

Answerand then husquavarna called that bike a "rat with no face"
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Q: What company made the first modern dirt bike and what year did it come out?
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