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The company that is ranked number 1 in the manufacture of Walk-In Coolers is Master-Bilt.

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Q: What company is ranked number 1 in walk in coolers?
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What company makes the best walk in coolers?

Kolpak makes the best walk in coolers in my opinion. They are already pre-assembled. They have lots of space and have an easy-to-read thermometer. Plus, KolPak is a lot cheaper then some of the other competitors.

Where can I find a walk in cooler installer in Washington?

One national company that specializes in coolers and is available anywhere in the country is US Cooler, website They sell coolers, as well as installations, repairs, and other services.

Where can I purchase a walk in cooler for my business?

Walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and commercial combo units manufactured by U.S. Cooler. Walk-ins for sale online or request a price quote. We sell new and used refrigeration equipment including walk-in coolers and freezers, glass door walk-ins, beverage and beer coolers, deli cases

Does Sears carry walk in coolers?

Yes, Sears does carry walk in coolers. Sears has coolers from Nor-Lake Kold Locker outdoor walk in cooler which offers superior storage space in an easy to assemble unit.It also has a temperature range of about 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do they make walk in coolers for residential homes and, if so, where do I go to buy one?

Yes, they make walk in coolers for residential homes. You can buy them at or

How cold are walk in coolers at fast food restraunts?

walk in coolers at fast food restaurants are required to be at like 50-60 degrees F while walk in freezers are suppoed to be 0-30 degrees F to maintiam the food

Where would you find a walk in refrigerator when it comes to business?

Walk-in refrigerators or coolers are definitely for commercial use. Kolpak is one company that manufactures such equipment. For walk-in refrigerators in the $4,000 range you can look on the following website:

Who makes walk in coolers?

eco cooler 305 205 8184

Where can one buy commercial coolers at discounted price?

You can find walk in coolers in Austin at C&D Equipment supply. Their website is You can also try

Where can I find used walk in coolers?

A good place to start looking for used walk in coolers online is on Ebay, they have new and used and you can buy now or try your luck by bidding on one. For something more local try a Restaraunt supply store.

Where can I buy a norlake walk in cooler?

Norlake walk in coolers can be purchased online or in stores. A walk in cooler is an industrial size and therefore meant solely for the purpose of businesses.

Are walk in coolers the best choice for a family reunion?

Walk in coolers are a great idea. For cost, not so much. If you're willing to pay then it's a great idea to hold drinks, food and other things such as that. Otherwise you'll have leaking and melting ice everywhere.