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Q: What communities do Boston celtics players live?
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What state does Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics live in?

Boston, Massachusetts

Where did Larry Bird live during the season when he played for the Boston Celtics?

Southboro, MA

Where does doc rivers the Boston celtics coach live live?

he lives in orlando florida because that is where he started his coaching career.

Do any Celtic players live in Boston?


What town does Rajon Rondo live in?

NBA basketball player Rajon Rondo lives in the Boston area. Rajon Rondo plays basketball for the Boston Celtics NBA team.

Where do Red Sox players live?

probably near Boston Massachusetts

Where does Larry bird live today?

Larry Bird currently resides in Terre Haute, Indiana. He was a professional basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics.

Where can you watch the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Game 6 live online?

You can watch all the NBA basketball games with high quality from

What nhl hockey players have type 1 diabetes?

Nick Boynton is one that I know of, as he used to be in Boston, where I live.

Where you can watch Boston Celtics games online?

If you want to watch celtics games online u need nba league pass on costs about 100 dollars.i love the Celtics but i cant buy league pass so i can only watch games on ESPN or tnt.u cant watch games on any other websites its illegal.idk y its kind of dumb,but u gotta live with lwas.sorry if this wasnt what u want.(GO CELTICS/Rondo there best player.)

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Anywhere...its not like they only live in Boston.

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All of the players live in Dallas

Where did Larry Bird live when he started playing for the Celtics?

French Lick, Indiana

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base ball players that live in florida

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Are any Red Sox players are single?

Jacoby Ellsbury is not single. he has a girlfriend of almost two years. kelsey Hawkins...they met in college and now live together in Boston. she runs track and once ran the Boston marathon while jacoby watched

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