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No communist group overthrew Czar Nicholas IV in March or in any other month in 1917. The communist group then known as the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Provisional Government headed by Alexander Kerensky in October, 1917. Tsar Nicholas II had abdicated the throne in March 1876 as a result of the demonstrations, strikes and riots that were taking place in Petrograd and other cities. He wasn't overthrown by any group. He simply lost control of the government and abdicated the throne.

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Q: What communist group overthrew Czar Nichloas in march 1917?
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Who was the Russian communist who overthrew the Russian monarchy?

No Russian communist overthrew the Russian monarchy. The Tsar abdicated in March 1917 after the February Revolution. A non-communist Provisional Government was then set up. In October 1917, the Russian Communist leader overthrew the Provisional Government. The Russian monarchy had already been overthrown.

During the Russian Revolution what was Lenin's communist group?

Lenin's Communist group was known as the Bolshevik Party. After the revolution, in March 1918, the Bolshevik Party changed its name to the Communist Party and from then on were known as communists instead of Bolsheviks.

Which group became communist during the Russian Revolution?

The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918.

Who fought in the Russian revolution?

There were two Revolutions in Russia. In the March Revolution, anti-czarists forced teh czar to abdicate and set up a democratic government. In the November or Bolshevik Revolution, the Bolsheviks (communist party) overthrew that government and turned Russia communist.

When was Italian Communist Party of the Julian March created?

Italian Communist Party of the Julian March was created in 1946.

When was the czar overthrown and communist rule established?

Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown in the February Revolution of 1917 when he abdicated in March. Communist rule was not established until the end of October that year when the October Revolution by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks (later renamed Communists) overthrew Russia's Provisional Government and took over.

Which group was known for taking a 6000 mile long journey known as the long march?

The Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Ze Dong.

What was Vladimir Lenin's revolutionary group called?

Lenin's group was the Bolshevik Party. After the October Revolution when it was the sole power in the country and all other political parties were being eliminated, it changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918.

What was the reason for the long march?

communist fled north from nationalist forces

What is the name of the imaginary line that separated communist countries from non communist countries?

As coined in a speech March 5th 1946, by Winston Churchill the term for a symbolic boundary dividing Europe into communist & non communist spheres is "the iron curtain" the iron center

What group renamed itself the Communist Party in Russia?

The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin renamed itself the Communist Party in March 1918 after the Russian Revolution. They did this because Lenin had outlawed all other political parties, especially the other Marxist/Communist ones. He felt that since the Bolsheviks were the only political party espousing communism and since there was no further reason to differentiate themselves from the Mensheviks, they should call themselves the Communist Party. So they did.

How were the the French Revolution of 1789 and the Chinese Revolution of 1911 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 similar?

First, the Bolshevik Revolution is not the one of the two Russian Revolutions of 1917 that fits in the group. You want the March Revolution (the Bolshevik was the November Revolution). Anyway, the French, Chinese and March Revolutions all overthrew the monarchy of the country in favor of a different form of government. All the countries wanted republics. None gained republics for long. China and Russia turned communist in a Civil War and Bolshevik revolution respectively. And as for France, well, a short man with a short temper took over.

When did Romania get a communist government?

Practically, after 6 March 1945.

What did the Bolsheviks become?

The Bolsheviks became the Communist Party in March 1918.

As a result of the Long March Chinas Communist Party?

As a result of the Long March, China's Communist Party

When and in what country did the communist revolution take place?

communist russia and 8 March - 8 November 1917 [O.S. 23 February - 26 October]

Who overthrew the czar in march 1917?

The Czar of Russia was overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. It was led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky among others.

What event in russia led Wilson to claim that the allies were fighting a of democracy against autocracy?

The March Revolution in Russia. The people overthrew the czar in favor of a democratic government.

What was the new name taken by the Bolshevik Party March 1918?

The Bolshevik Party took the name 'The Communist Party' in March 1918.

What political group replaced the Czar's?

Strictly speaking, a group of about a dozen politicians and officials from the Tsarist regime replaced the Czar. This was in March 1917 when the Tsar abdicated the throne. Later, in October (according to the Russian calendar) the Bolshevik Party, which later renamed itself the Communist Party, replaced the Provisional Government.

Vladimir Lenin's success?

Vladimir Lenin successfully overthrew the Provisional Government of Russia. This was the government that in March of 1917 forced the Czar to step down from power. Lenin then successfully overthrew the Provisional government that was largely one of democratic leaders and democratic socialists. Lenin imposed a dictatorship of the Bolshevik Party.

Who was the Russian communist leader in 1917?

Vladimir Lenin was the Communist leader of Russia in 1917, although in 1917 they were known as Bolsheviks. In March 1918, they changed their names to Communists.

When did the Bolsheviks rename themselves?

In March 1918, the Bolsheviks renamed themselves the Communist Party.

Did Lenin over thrown the Russian Czar?

No, the Tsar had been overthrown in March 1917. Lenin overthrew the Provisional Government which had been put in place after the Tsar abdicated.

What group took control of Russia in 1917 and would be in power until the 1990's?

The Communist Party, although when it took over in 1917 it was known as the Bolshevik Party. It changed its name in March 1918, but the people in power in the party and the country did not change.