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I don't know try another one!

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Q: What comes before advantage in tennis called?
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In tennis what scoreline comes before advantage?


What comes after deuce in tennis?

Advantage in if the server wins the point and advantage out if the returner wins the point.

Why is tennis called tennis?

"Tennis" comes from the French word "Tenez!" . This is imperative of tenir and essentially means "Catch that!"

Why are tennis matches called opens?

Before tennis was a professional sport on amateurs played. Some of the amateurs become professionaland were barred from playing. Then tournaments were made open 2 both. Hence where the term comes from.

Were did tennis come from?

It comes from a French game called La Soule played with a wooden stick.

What is the origin of tennis?

The origin of tennis comes from Wimbledon England.

Why is it called let in tennis?

"Let" comes from the turn "lets play another " that meens play another Ball

A number which comes before a number is called?

A number!

Which phase comes right before the last quarter?

The phase that comes before the last quarter is called the waning gibbous.

What comes after an ace in tennis?

tacos game

What does the word advantage mean in tennis?

The word advantage meaning in tennis is when both of the team players has gotten 40 points = to 3 points, this creates a "Deuce" and that is simply a tie. Now normally, it goes Love =0, then 15, 30, 40, and Game Point. But when each of the players have a game leading up to each having 40, it's sort of a tie. This is where the advantage comes in. Basically, when ever the server or the receivers, make a point, it will be ad. in or ad. out. Ad. In = Servers advantage, Ad. Out = Receivers advantage Then whomever makes the next point, who has the advantage wins, and if you have the advantage and the other person gets a point, you lose the advantage and go back to deuce. I hope that helps! :D My resources: Coming from a tennis player himself. :D

When is the Australian Open tennis tournament scheduled to start?

late January it comes on the tennis channel

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