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Q: What comes after red in cycling?
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How did cycling get its name?

Cycling comes from cycle, cyclic = something that goes around and comes around, like the wheels and the pedals.

Why is cycling called cycling?

As with so many words, this comes to us because we prefer a shorter word to a longer. "Cycling" is a shortened version of "bicycling".

How get fly in Pokemon Red?

take cycling road from Fuchsia city

Why did Alaska Chose to give away the red lantern for last place?

This is a custom that is common in many countries in Europe. The red lantern comes most likely from the sport of cycling but is also used in football (or soccer for the US) for the bottom team and in motorsports.The red lantern most probably comes from the lantern that was hung on the last carriage of a convoy as a warning signal.

Which cycling componentry should I buy sram red or dura ace 7900?

Red Dura Ace 7900 crankset is lighter than Red.

What does the word donE mean on a Chrysler sebring?

That comes on after cycling the key three times to see any trouble codes. Done, is either end of codes, or no codes present.That comes on after cycling the key three times to see any trouble codes. Done, is either end of codes, or no codes present.

When was When the Red King Comes created?

When the Red King Comes was created in 1997.

Rinkan cycle with video?

The Rinkan cycle with a video is a short guide that comes with a guide that explains the cycling process.

How can you tell when the calf is cycling?

Calves shouldn't be cycling. They're often too young to be able to reach puberty, unless she comes from a very fertile herd where the young ones are coming onto puberty early.

Are the handlebars and seat stationary or fully adjustable?

The seat and the handlebars are fully adjustable when it comes to adjusting your indoor cycling bike.

How do you get to fuschia city in Pokemon Red?

West of Celadon City is cycling road, where you can ride your bike to Fushia City. If you did not get a bike, get the Fly HM from the building north of the gate to cycling road and fly back and get one.

What does it mean when your blood is really red?

Figure the brighter red blood comes from an artery, while the duller red blood comes from a vien.