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I don't know, but Im sure its blue. Or Yellow.

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Black trunks, no socks. And when entering the ring, instead of wearing a robe he cut a hole in a white towel and wore it over his head.

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blue is my fave colour from mike Tyson

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Q: What colours did Mike Tyson traditionally wear in the ring?
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Did Mike Tyson ever kill anyone in a ring or out?

no he didnt.

Who won the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year Award in 1986?

Mike Tyson

What song used Mike Tyson entering to the ring?

the name of the group is COIL.

Does Mike Tyson have HIV aids?

No, he does not. Mike Tyson has been a professionel boxer for several years, and in the professionel boxing world, it is required, that any boxer takes a blood test before the ring match. If mike Tyson was tested HIV positive, he would have lost his boxing license.

What was the name of the song 2pac made for Mike Tyson's ring entrance?

Wonda Why They Call U B***h

Who was Mike Tyson fighting when Tupac was shot?

i dont think he was fighting becasue he just steped in the ring when tupac got shot

Sentence with tough in it?

The steak was over-cooked and as such, I found it tough to chew. In his prime, Mike Tyson was considered to be a tough competitor in the boxing ring.

Why did Mike Tyson not go back to the ring after his last TKO loss?

Because he said himself that if a guy of Danny Williams' calibre could beat him, it was time to get out.

What was Mike Tyson's ring entrance music?

2Pac - Ambitionz Az A Ridah Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion

Did Mike Tyson hit wesley snipes for mocking his voice?

In the book ''The Inner Ring'' written by Mike Tyson's bodyguard, it is claimed that Tyson's then girlfriend was cheating on him; Mike ordered his bodyguard to follow her at which point the bodyguard reported that Snipes was with his girlfriend. Mike reportedly drove over, caught the two fooling around and dragged Wesley into the bathroom after which point he knocked him out. The narrator of the book describes how he opened the door to the bathroom from where Mike came out and saw Wesley lying on the floor, against the wall with his head titled; unconscious.

Who is Tyson?

Mike Tyson is one of the most notorious boxers in prizefighting history. Thanks to his actions both inside the ring and out. His speed, power and angry aggression earned him the World Boxing Council heavyweight title in 1986, making him the youngest champion ever. The next year he won the World Boxing Association title and "Iron Mike" became the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. In 1988, in one of his most famous fights, Tyson knocked out previously undefeated Michael Spinks in 91 seconds and earned $20 million. For a brief time he seemed invincible, until he was knocked out by the lightly regarded James "Buster" Douglas in 1990. Mike Tyson is a very notorious boxer, who bit others ear in the ring. But at 20 years he is the youngest heavyweight champion.

Is Mike Tyson the meanest boxer ever?

Sonny Liston is literally the most feared boxer ever, because ofhis criminal and hardpast outside the ringand his unbelievable punching power and toughness inside the ring. Tyson was feared because ofhismean looks, hisraping and earbiting Holyfieldcaseand alsohis incrediblepunching power and speed in the ring.I would say it's a tie between Mike and Sonny.