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Q: What colour would white go under blue light?
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What colour would white shoes appear under a yellow disco light?

white shoes appear white because it reflects all 7 colours of white light when fallen on to it.Therefore if only yellow light is fallen on to this object it would give out light rays which are yellow in colour . so shoes would appear yellow.

Is red a light color?

No I would not generally say red is a light colour, but adding white to make pink or mixing it with yellow and white to make a light orange would work. A light colour is one with white in it, so unless the red is mixed with white it wouldn't be a light colour. Red is generally considered to be a very dramatic colour, so no, it is not a light colour unless mixed in one of the ways above. I hope this helped!

What colour would a blue flag apear in red light?


What colour would a white object be if a blue light shone on it?


Which is more colorful black or white?

In terms of light colour, the most colourful would be white, as it is a combination of the entire light colour spectrum. In terms of physical colour, it would be black, as it is the combination of all physical colours. In terms of them simply as colours, it would be neither as they are not considered colours, but variations of light and dark.

What colour would a white ball look like in yellow light?

Yellow as white objects reflect the whole visible light spectrum. So the white ball would reflect the yellow light.

What colour would a red ball be in blue light?

A red ball would appear black under blue light.

What colour would a blue hat appear under blue light?


What colour would a red object look under a red light?


What colour would a red rose appear under blue light?

i think it would be black. :)

What colour would match baby pink wall?

dark pink, light blue, light green and white

What colour would a white surface look in red light?

A "white surface" is one that reflects all colors of light. That's why it looks white when a white light shines on it, and that's why you call it "white". If only red light shines on it, then it looks red.