What colour is the wigan kit?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Blue and white.

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Q: What colour is the wigan kit?
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What jersey will Liverpool wear against wigan?

The next time Liverpool vs Wigan (on December 21st, 2011), Liverpool will wear their away kit.

What colour is liverpool's tops?

Their home kit is red, their away kit is black, and their third kit is white.

What colour is the England home kit?


What colour does Valencia play in their home football kit?

There home kit is white with black shorts

What Colour Is The Paraguay Kit?

The clor is red and white.

What is the colour of Italy's football kit?

Blue and White

What colour is Uruguays football kit?


Where is the Wigan Warriors Rugby team located?

The Wigan Warriors Rugby team is located in Wigan, in the Manchester region of England. The Wigan Warriors Rugby team plays at the DW Stadium which is also located in Wigan.

What color was real Madrid s original kit?

Real Madrid's original kit colour is white.

What colour kit did Portsmouth fc first wear?


What Colour Kit Do Werder Bremen Play In?

It is green and white .

What colour is liverpools 3rd kit?

Grey with white sleeves