What colour is jet?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Jet is a stone similar to coal, but harder, and is basically black. One presumes then the origin of "jet black".

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Q: What colour is jet?
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What is the difference between jet black and black?

The 'jet' in jet black refers to the mineral which is a black colour.

What colour is Jet the hawk?

Emerald green with a white chest

What is the colour of black box in jet airplane?

Orange. (really)

What is the darkest surface color?

Jet black is the darkest colour. Not sure what is meant by surface?

What color gives if starch reacts with iodine?

When iodine reacts with starch, the solution will turn a brownish colour.

What colors can be printed with a color laserjet?

"Colour Laser Jet Printers are perfect for photo printing, and large printing orders. They are capable of printing absolutely any colour needed for printer jobs."

Concolor of a German Sheperd Dog?

Black and Tan is the usual colour ans the most well known colour also. Jet Black is the next most popular followed by Sables and then Whites lastly usually.

Why is black mamba called so?

The Black Mamba gets its name - from the colour of the lining of the inside of its mouth. The overall colour of the snake's skin is olive green - but - the inside of its mouth is jet black.

Is there any colour starting with j?

Jade, Jasper, Jet, Jonquil, Jordy Blue.. there are colors which begin with a J, but none of the primary colors do.

Natural jet black hair vs. Natural red hair which is prettier?

There is no "prettier" colour; those things are simply a matter of opinion.

What a inereting fact about a black mamba?

The Black mamba isn't actually black ! It's body is a beautiful olive-green colour all over. The 'black' comes from the lining of the inside of the snake's mouth. The tissues are jet black in colour.

What is the color of jet fuel?

Jet fuel is generally clear and has no color. However jet fuel trucks and pumps will be color coded with black insignia and markings as opposed to blue insignia and markings for avgas. Jet fuel can be broken into two categories Jet A (used in the US only) and Jet A-1 (used internationally because of it's much improved capabilities of handling a Higher Freezing point) and they both are a clear to straw colour, both Fuels are made of a multitude of Hydrocarbons and are made to meet tight International specifications.