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Black and orange hooped jerseys white shorts, black and orange hooped socks

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Q: What colour do the wasps rugby team wear?
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In what event does the leader wear a yellow jersey?

The answer is American Rugby team

What clothing do female field hockey players wear?

Depending on the league or governing body regulations but the normal requsit is: Shirt (all team to wear same colour) Skort or Skirt (all team to wear same colour) Socks (all team to wear same colour) Astro Trainers.

What color does the World Cup team from Holland wear?

the fooball team from holland wear orange as their main colour for their kit.

What do Fiji rugby team wear as an emblem?

Their emblem is a rugby ball outline standing on its point with a palm tree in the balls centre.

Most famous rugby team?

The New Zealand team, commonly known as the All Blacks, as they wear black.

Why is there a team called the all blacks?

Because its NewZeland and the rugby team wear black top and shorts and socks!

When do you wear the third color in soccer?

It is when the other team wears your team's first and second colour.

Do people wear helmets in rugby?

Rugby Dffers from NFL, NFL you have to wear helmets, not rugby.

Are goalies uniforms for rugby different than the players?

Rugby does not have a goalie only a full back and they wear the same strip as the rest of the team

Why are rugby athletes always naked?

Rugby players do not compete without wearing clothes. Often times, they will wear the same uniform if they are on the same team.

What color are the french football and rugby teams reffered to as?

The French football and rugby team are called ZEE BLUES as they wear navy blue jerseys.

Why does the Japanese soccer team wear blue?

because they like the colour blue

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