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Q: What colour do people wear on st patrics day?
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Why do you wear green on ST Patrics day?

so that you don't get pinched

What do Germans wear on St Patrick's day?

Germans were green on st patrics day it dose not make a difference what culture you are!!

What day is patrics day on?

on march 17

What should people kiss for good luck on st. patrics day?

yeah kiss the irish!1

What colour do people were for Saint Patrick's Day?

They wear Green.

What colour do people wear on St Pactrick's day?

orange, green and white

What other colour do people wear on st Patrick's day?

usually people wear something green. or they have a shamrock on somewhere

What colors do children wear on Saint Patrick's day in Ireland?

Many children will make a special effort to wear something green, but there is no particular trend, so children will wear any colour, just like they would on any other day.

Where do you get leprachun class in aqworldscom?

You cant any more. It was a rare for the first Saint Patrics day.

Why don't we wear red on Saint Patrick's Day?

You can wear red if you want to, or any colour on St. Patrick's Day. Green is the colour that is associated with St. Patrick's Day, so most people that are celebrating it will wear some green. Even those wearing green will have some other colours in their clothing too, and that may well include some red.

Are you allowed to wear orange on st patrick' s day?

You can wear whatever colour you want on St. Patrick's Day.

What colour of vestments do priests wear on New Year's Day?