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The lions on the badge are dark blue, and they are surrounded with red and white English roses.

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Q: What colour are the English three lions on England football badge?
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What colour are the three lions on the England football badge?

The lions on the badge are dark blue, and they are surrounded with red and white English roses.

Colour of three lions on England football badge?


What colour are the famous three lions on the England Football Badge?


What colour are those famous three lions on the England football badge?


What is the official color of the three lions on the English football badge?

The lions are bluey-navy sort of colour.

What is England's home strip?

the colour is white and has a badge with 3 loins

What color are the 3 lions on England's football badge?

Type your answer here... blue

What do the roses stand for on England badge?

Can someone tell me what the 10 RED ROSES stand for on the England Football Emblem

Why are there ten roses on the England football badge?

The flag is a plain white field with the traditional English Three Lions (King Richard's) and ten red-white roses (of the Lancaster-York peace in the XVth Century).

Did the French invent football?

the English invented football writing the rules for it in 1863.... if you notice on alot of the European clubs badges (Barcelona, ac milan) they have the English flag on their badge, this is because English people started up these clubs. Nope, it is likely that the English developed the modern game. No,English invented football

Why does the England flag have 10 roses?

The English flag doesn't, it is the st George's cross. However the English FA badge worn on the football shirts has 3 lions and 10 Tudor roses to denote the 10 divisions of football at the time of if the coat of arms creation.

Name all English football league clubs beginning with b that contain latin on their club badge?

bob the builder

Why does it have a football on fc Barcelona badge?

Simply because it is a football club.

Why is there a lion on the Scotland football badge?

The rampant lion on the badge is from the royal arms of Scotland.

What do the numbers under the badge mean they change by player england cricket badge?

If a player had the number 201 under his badge, that would mean that he is the 201st player to play for England in that specific form of the game

What is the Japanese word for badge?

English: Badge Japanese: バッジ pronunciation: Bajji

Where online can one purchase a Manchester United football team badge?

One can purchase a Manchester United football team badge online from several different places. Some of the places online that one can purchase a Manchester United football team badge are: Daily Mall, and World Soccer Shop.

What does arsenal football badge mean?

arsenal means lots of weapons , they are called the gunners for that so they have a gunner on there badge , simple as .

How do you say badge in French?

Badge, it's the same in both English and French.

Can you see an lion on an Aston Villa football badge?

yes you can

What football club has monty magpie on there badge?

Newcastle united

What animal is on coventry city football club badge?

An Elephant

What does SvFF mean on the Swedish football badge?

It is an abbreviation of "Svenska FotbollsFörbundet", which can be translated as The Swedish Football Association.

Why do England football team wear white kit?

The first international match of an english national team (in any sport) is a Rugby match between England and Scotland dated 1871. England choose to wear white because it was the color of the sporting activities at the Rugby school. When in 1872 the national football team made its first match, they inherited the color. Note that untill 1980's, England's kit was all white. Just in the 1980'a Admiral technical sponsor introduced a fancy design which added blue and red elements which could erroneously recall the colors of the U.K. Flag, but are an hommage to the colors of the badge of the Football Association.

What does the German football badge mean?

The German football badge contains an eagle (Germany's national symbol) and the words Deutscher Fussball-Bund which translates as German Football Association

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