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Try some regular blue rit dye and mix it with a little powder-white rit dye, but remember to put in less powder-white than blue or it won't come out right. -Ryan

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Q: What colors to mix to get Carolina blue with RIT dye?
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How do you color fabric apart from tye dye?

Rit is a dye that comes in many colors. It is used to dye fabric all one color.

Do you need soda ash for rit dye?

Soda ash is recommended when using Rit dye because it helps adjust the pH level of the water, allowing the dye to bond better with the fabric and create more vibrant, long-lasting colors. While soda ash is not always required, it is typically recommended for best results when using Rit dye.

How do you use the rit dye?

has anybody use rit dye or couch and loveseat

How do you dye clothes with Rit liquid dye in your Whirlpool Cabrio Top load washer?

can you use rit dye in a whirlpool cabrio dryer

What dye to use when you dye lacrosse head?


What is rit dye made of?

Rit dye is made up of combined acids and sodium chloride which makes it dangerous for human skin and hair. Rit dye is basically used for fabric and other materials.

What dyes can be used to do tie dye?

For a colorfast tie dye a fiber reactive dye is needed such as Procion Dye from the Dharma Trading Company. Rit dye can be used but is not fiber reactive and not colorfast and the tie dye will fade colors after each wash.

Can you dye concrete with rit dye?

a friend in omaha said he mixed brown and black rit and mopped it on floor said it was awesome

Can liquid Rit Dye be used as food coloring?

No, Rit Dye is not a made for consumption. It can result in chemical burns along the digestive track.

What is the worst disease you can dye from?

Overdose of Rit.

How do you get chartreuse from rit dye?

To achieve a chartreuse color using Rit dye, mix equal parts of yellow and green dye together. Start by immersing your fabric in the yellow dye bath, then add the green dye gradually until you reach the desired chartreuse shade. Follow the instructions on the Rit dye package for best results.

Can you dye a lacrosse head with fuchsia dye?

What kind of dye is it? Because you can probably dye your head fuchsia with rit dye if they have it in that color. :)