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none its a Basketball none its a basketball

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orange light

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Q: What colors can an orange basketball absorb?
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What colors of light does chlorophyll absorb?


What colors do blue absorb?

orange yellow green

What pms color is basketball orange?

According to NCAA specifications, basketball game balls are one of 3 PMS colors. The pantone colors are Orange 151, Red-Orange 173 or Brown 1535.

Which colors of light do plants absorb and reflect?

Absorb red, yellow, orange. Reflect blue, green, purple.

Can a basketball absorb light?

Absolutely. It absorbs all the colors of light that do not bounce off and give it the color you see. If it is an orange basketball, then it absorbs all the blue and most of the green. What is left over is a little bit of yellow and a little bit more of red, mixed together it looks orange.

Does orange reflect or absorb light?

Except white and black all colors absorb a part of light and reflect an other one.

Was a basketball another color besides orange?

possible brown or black or poopy colors

What colors absorb heat faster than other colors?

I think red Orange and other color closest to fire THIS IS NOT AN EXACT ANSWER IT IS JUST WHAT I THINK.

What does a basketball looks like?

A basketball looks like an orange but with black stripes or some times the stripes are white or diffrent colors and its round.

Why are the basketball rims orange?

There is no specific reason basketball rims are orange.

What types of colors absorb heat?

dark colors because they absorb more of the light rays

Do different colors absorb heat differently?

Yes different colors do absorb heat differently. You can tell that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors because the light reflects off of the light colors.

Why do dark colors absorb more heat than light colors?

They absorb more wavelengths of light than the lighter colors which reflect more wavelengthsDark colors absorb more heat because they absorb more electromagnetic radiation (visible light). When the sun hits dark colors, they absorb more of the sun's light.

Do dark colors absorb heat?

Yes. All colors absorb heat. The quantity depends on which color. Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors because of differences in light wavelengths.

Which colors are warm-colors?

Red, Yellow, Orange, Red-Orange, Red-violet, and Yellow Orange

Which colors absorb heat faster and which colors absorb heat slower?

Black absorbs heat fast. Other colors like red, blue, green, etc, absorb heat slower.

How do you name colors?

you name colors by what you think they remind you of like orange is an orange.

Can colors absorb heat?

Yes. All colors (except white, which is a lack of all color) can absorb heat.

Which colors absorb more heat?

black and dark colors

What colors absorb the most colors in light spectrum?


Why does an orange look orange and and an apple look red?

The colors that we call orange or red are particular frequencies of visible light. An object that reflects mostly the light in a particular frequency will "look" that color. It is the compounds in the skins of fruits that absorb and reflect light in different frequencies, In the case of the apple, the compounds inside the skin absorb a completely different range of frequencies, and are therefore a different color.* Objects that absorb almost all colors of light appear brown or black. Those that absorb little light of any frequency appear white.

What colors absorb heat the fastest?

black absorb heat the fastest

Does green absorb heat?

Yes. All colors absorb heat. The darker they are the more they absorb. White almost nothing as it is the absence of all colors and the most is black, because it is the presence of all colors.

What are Syracuse university colors?


What colors are not absorbed by an orange?

only orange