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Blue and yellow you should know this

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Q: What color uniform do the giants wear?
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What color uniform will the giants wear in the super bowl?


What color uniform will the New York Giants wear at the super bowl?

white jersey with red numbers

What color is the san francisco giants uniform?

Orange, black and cream.

Can you wear a shirt under a basketball uniform?

Yes you can, it has to be the same color as your uniform.

What color does 218 color uniform wear for 7 grade?


What color uniform does a basketball referee wear?


What color uniform does Real Madrid wear?


What color uniform do the paroits wear?

Blue and red

What color uniform do the Denver Broncos wear today?


What color will the giants wear to the Super Bowl against the patriots?


Who is No. 24 for the San Francisco Giants?

The number has been retired in honor of Willie Mays, probably the greatest player ever to wear a Giants uniform.

What color uniform did Robert E. Lee wear in the battle of Gettysburg?


What color uniform do the ravens wear?

Purple, black, metallic gold, white

What is the jersey color of the Green Bay Packers on the road?

NFL teams don't have a home or road uniform they have a color and a white uniform most teams wear their color uniform at home, thus you will see most road team wearing white on the road. The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home thus the road team is force to wear their color uniform. so even though Green Bay wears color at home you will see them wearing the color uniform on the road when they play the cowboys Some teams (jets,dolphins,redskins) wear white at home in the warm months (sept. Oct.) and color or alternate for the rest of the season.

How do you determine which type and color of uniform to wear in your place of employment?

it all depends on where you work.

What color of uniform does the soccer teams needs to wear?

It depends on what the team decides to wear. They decide as a team on what color their jersey's should be. Sometimes the coach will pick the jerseys and jersey color.

Do chefs wear uniform?

Definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not uniform but A uniform

What color uniform did the patriots wear?

Mostly blue. also white and partially some red.

What color uniform did Hitler wear?

Are you kidding? Look at a picture! And why the hell is this in U.S. civil war??

What color will the New York Giants wear in the 2012 super bowl?

The Giants will be wearing blue during the 2012 Super Bowl.

What color jerseys do Atlanta Braves wear at home games?

The Braves have a few different color combinations that they wear at home. The standard is white with red lettering, but they also have a red jersey with white pants, which is their military appreciation uniform. They also have a cream-colored alternative uniform they wear occasionally.

What uniform will a cop wear?

a cop uniform

Do pupils wear uniform in Belgium?

No, pupils in Belgium don't wear uniform.

Should you wear a uniform to school?

unless your school has a uniform then wear it but not then dont

What color did north wear in civil war?

Most wore a dark blue or a sky blue uniform.